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At Rachel Simpson our mission is to design with creativity and craft with traditional skills to promote confidence, celebrate positivity and create lasting memories through our passion for beautiful shoes.

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About Rachel Simpson

The brand was founded by Rachel Simpson in 2008 with one simple mission- to create beautiful shoes. Rachel didn’t want to change the world or break new ground (that came later), rather to keep the art of original design and traditional shoe making alive in a world of increasingly fast, copycat fashion. Answering the question what was it all about, Rachel would answer, “just beautiful shoes”.

The company now sells thousands of pairs of those beautiful shoes all over the world, which are as known for their effortless comfort as much as their distinctive signature style. Every single shoe and bag is designed exclusively in house by Rachel and the team who are passionate about original creativity.

Our factory is in Alicante in Spain where our highly skilled shoemakers use their incredible expertise to bring each design to life. Every step of the process is done the traditional way from expert pattern cutting to the meticulous cutting of each piece; intricate stitching and traditional hand lasting. The result is beautifully crafted shoes with a superior fit and unmistakable comfort.

The business is based in the UK where our small
family like team are committed to giving all our customers a memorable
experience through their friendly and personal approach.

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