5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Shoes

Heather Mills

Posted on November 15 2019

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Shoes


There’s no better way to kick off a wedding than with the right pair of shoes to match your dream ensemble! The right pair can go a long way to complimenting your overall look. Beyond looking good, there are many things to consider — from style and heel height down to the comfort level! When looking for a pair, you want something that can carry you from the aisle and out on your reception’s dance floor without any difficulty. In that regard, here are some tips to finding the right one that will make you look stunning from your veil down to your new pair of shoes!

1. Start with the wedding gown

Your wedding gown will be the focal point of how your overall style should be. Once you have that covered, your shoes will be able to easily follow the same theme. Observe the elements of your dress and find shoes that would best compliment it as a total mix match can make or break your overall look. The length of the dress is an important factor too; if you’re wearing a tea-length gown, investing in bold and flashy shoes can make your look pop. However, going for a simpler route may be best if you’re opting for a floor-grazing gown.

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2. Take them to your dress fittings

Of course, you can start with the shoes first! If you already bought a pair long before you went dress shopping, it’s best to bring it with you when you’re on the hunt for the perfect dress. It may help to narrow down your search into a few dozen that fits your footwear and consider a length or style that will best suit your overall dream look.

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3. Set your shoe goals within your budget

The ideal pair doesn’t have to break your feet or your bank, so long as you have enough knowledge to guide you in your hunt. Think about the style, colour scheme, and what you want to achieve with your new pair! Some essential factors you need to consider is how long you plan on wearing the same pair on the entirety of the day, and if you want your shoes to make a statement or act as a support for your dress. Ask yourself if you wish to have it in white or dabble with bolder colours. Dig deeper into what you want to get out of it, and see if you’re the kind of girl who can dance the night away in heels or flats. Either way, the key to finding the right one for you is all in being confident with the little details.

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4. Consider the venue for your wedding

The location of your wedding may be far off your mind when you’re browsing through an extensive collection of bridal shoes, but you’ll need to know the ropes of your venue if you want to wear something that would achieve both form and function suitable to the place. An outdoor wedding by the beach or garden may not be best for heels. However, your kicks will look spectacular if you’re getting married in a ballroom or a church!

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5. Prioritize comfort

Consider your everyday style and try to find ways to incorporate that to your wedding ensemble. If you’re someone who can rock a four-inch stiletto without any difficulty, then wearing it on the day of your wedding won’t be a problem. If you’re more of a sneaker lover, then it’s best to look for pairs that can offer both comfort and style. After all, your shoes will determine how you’ll fare the busy day, and you’d want to be in something that you can walk in without fear of tripping down the aisle or ruining your night due to aching feet.

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