Winter Sale: 50% off Candyfloss and Summer Daze

Heather Mills

Posted on December 24 2019

Winter Sale: 50% off Candyfloss and Summer Daze

Our big January sale has begun and includes a massive 50% off Candyfloss and matching bag Summerdaze. This pair are perfect for spring-summer weddings, plus any other parties and occasions. The hardest decision will be do you buy the white or blue.. or maybe both ;)


Our favourite block heel shoe Candyfloss is for a quirky bride who wants something a little different but doesn't want to compromise on comfort. Two buttery soft straps interlock in the centre to encase your foot, and the leather is so deliciously soft it’s almost like you’re wearing slippers. 

Was: £220 Now: £110.00

Candyfloss Block Heel Wedding Shoes

Candyfloss Blue Block Heel Wedding Shoes

Summer Daze

Summerdaze is so beautiful and just like Candyfloss it's made with buttery soft leather with two large gathered pieces which meet in the middle in an stylish oversized knot. Wear with Candyfloss or wear it on its own for any special occasion. 

Was: £160 Now: £80.00

Candyfloss and Summer Daze

Click here to shop Candyfloss and Summer Daze offer. 

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