After a slightly thicker heel for your wedding shoes?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on March 15 2020

Rachel Simpson Francoise ivory t-bar wedding shoes


Our shoes have a very elegant style so we tend to go for classic heel shapes which perfectly compliment this. For example our best selling shoe, Mimosa has a classic curved 3 inch heel which balances the overall look of the shoe beautifully. We also have a similar 2 inch (well, just over) version on shoes including Cecelia and Isla- both very popular styles. 

We recognise however that some people look for a slightly thicker heel as they feel it gives them a little more security- it's very much down to personal preference and how you feel in heels. Of course we want everyone to be able to choose their perfect Rachel Simpson wedding shoes, so this season we've introduced some new shapes which have all our signature elegance but are a little thicker.

In this short three minute film Rachel talks you through the new shapes...

Take Aurelia from our new Spring Summer collection, a style positively dripping with elegance and glamour! Aurelia still looks just as slimline as say, Mimosa but if you look at Aurelia's heel it's just that little bit thicker at the base so if you find a very slim heel a little wobbly it will make a big difference. We've used this exact same heel on our Francoise shoe, so if you like our classic styles such as Mimi and Mimosa but find the heel a little slim, Francoise is the perfect alternative.

Rachel Simpson Aurelia thicker heel wedding shoes

Similarly on the new low heeled peep toes of the Spring Summer collection- Giselle and Etienne- we've just subtly tweaked the shape of the heel to introduce a little bit of a thicker base. If anything this new shape suits these shoes even better than our classic low heel and really adds a touch of glamour.

Rachel Simpson low heel rose gold wedding shoes

Lastly we've also thickened the heel on our new closed toe Mary-jane shoe, Margaux. If you compare her heel to something like, Paloma you can see the subtle difference. Both are as secure but if you like a bit of extra support now you have the option!

 Rachel Simpson Margaux closed toe wedding shoes

Of course if you want a very thick heel and something a little more fashion forward, you can try our Candyfloss shoe which has an amazing statement gold glitter block heel. It's the perfect style for those who want a higher heel wedding shoe but don't wear heels that often! 

Rachel Simpson Candyfloss gold glitter block heel shoes

Whichever you go for, our aim here at Rachel Simpson is to have the perfect shoes for you so whether that's high or low, thick or thin we've got you covered. Oh, and in case you maybe missed the sneak peek we're adding flats to the collection next month..we are beyond excited.


Rachel x


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