Always use protection- your guide to keeping your shoes like new

Rachel Simpson

Posted on August 03 2018

How to protect your shoes

We believe that if you're buying a good quality pair of shoes then it's really worth protecting them before you wear them. So before wearing your shoes, we recommend you treat them with our Natural Protector Spray.

Shake the bottle well, and then evenly spray the shoe from a distance of around 30- 40cm, until the surface is damp, but be careful not saturate the material. With suede and fabric allow to dry naturally for at least two hours. For smooth leather, leave for 15 minutes before buffing with a soft, clean cloth.

Please note- this spray is not suitable for synthetics, metallic, pearlised and patent finishes. If your shoe only has metallic detailing, just make sure you cover these bits before spraying- take a look at our handy video to show you how. And don't forget to always check the manufacturer's instructions before use.

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