Block heels vs stilettos- which is for you?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on March 18 2022

Block heels vs stilettos- which is for you?


When it comes to shoes for a special occasion are you more of a block or stiletto heel fan? If you search this topic you'll find that this is a hotly contested question, so we thought we'd take a look at the key factors involved when trying to choose between the two. 


There's no denying that stiletto heels are a classic. Long associated with evening wear, their elegant look is ideally suited to special occasions when we might wear something we perhaps wouldn't wear in a more every day situation. A stiletto heel will never go out of fashion.

If you're a die hard trend setter and want the most up to the minute look, block heels are of course more of a fashionable choice than the old faithful stiletto. Originating in a more every day setting, it's only more recently we've seen block heels joining our occasion wear wardrobes. Are they around to stay? Only time will tell but of course, fashionistas don't need timeless trends!


Of course the next big factor is comfort, and here's where it's a little less clear cut. However here are the facts..

Stiletto heels are much thinner than block heels and as such, your weight is centred on a smaller point. Block heels have a larger surface area so your weight is more distributed. This can mean that some people are more comfortable in a block heel over a long period of time, particularly if the heel height is on the higher side. 

That said, if a shoe is well made (think beautifully cut pattern, natural leather lining, perfectly pitched heel), then a stiletto can be just as comfortable as a block heel. A lot of is comes down to personal preference and how confident you feel in a slimmer pair of heels, because ultimately comfort= confidence!


Block heels vs stilettos- low heels



Let's be honest, although here at RS we're huge advocates for comfort being the most important factor when choosing a pair of shoes, look is equally as important (for many people look can even compromise comfort, but don't go too far down that road, trust us!). Block heels have a very different look to a stiletto- it's more fashion lead, chunkier, perhaps a little more 'cool'. The stiletto is a classic, it's timeless- arguably it's more of an elegant, chic look. 

Both are fabulous, both work for wedding just depends on what you prefer. Which leads us nicely onto our final point...


Ultimately there's no right or wrong to this debate- some people prefer stilettos, some prefer block heels. Some people just don't like the look of a block heel, some people don't like the way stilettos feel, some people like them both equally!

If you do like them both and are still struggling to choose, have a think about how you feel in both types of heel. If you wear block heels to the office or during the day, you might want to differentiate between this and your occasion wear heels, so you feel different or more 'special' outside of the norm. You might however be more comfortable sticking with what you know.

Many people are die hard stiletto fans because they simply prefer the way they look, it really is personal preference at the end of the day!


Block heels vs stilettos- high heels


At Rachel Simpson we know this so we try to include a wide variety and heel shapes and sizes within our collection. So whether you want block heels, stilettos, high heels, low heels or flats we've got you covered. Click here to shop the full collection. 


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