Blue wedding shoes- your something blue?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on August 17 2020

Blue wedding shoes- your something blue?

There is something elegant, almost timeless about blue wedding shoes. Whilst ivory are seen as the traditional colour for wedding shoes, in recent years wedding shoes have become many brides 'something blue' item of choice. I can totally see why and in fact chose blue shoes myself when I got married last year (Isadora in blue, read on!). 

Blue wedding shoes add a soft and subtle pop of colour to your wedding outfit but aren't as obvious a statement as if you went for a bolder colour like reds and dark tones. I think that's one of the reasons they've become more and more popular because they manage to be understated and classic whilst at the same time adding a bit of colour to an otherwise ivory look. It's also nice if you can tone your shoes to other aspects of the wedding, like bridesmaids, linens or maybe even flowers (although blue flowers aren't that easy, as I discovered!).

There are many different shades of blue which work beautifully for wedding shoes- royal blue, cornflower blue, dusky and baby blues all work well, and each create their own, unique look as the peep out from underneath your dress. 

We have several blue wedding shoes in the collection now, so today I wanted to talk you through each one and of course introduce their matching bags too if you really want to emphasise your something blue...

ISADORA in dusky blue suede 

I'm a little biased here as these are the shoes I wore for my own wedding last year. As soon as I saw the prototype sample at our factory in Spain I knew they were the ones. I think it's the shade of blue I fell in love with, which just works so well as as suede because it has a gorgeous softness to it. I love the way it contrasts so well with the platinum/ gold leather over the top too- its effortlessly statement, if that makes sense!

Rachel Simpson Isadora blue wedding shoes

Our Sabine envelope clutch is a perfect match for Isadora, made from the same delicious dusky blue suede. The scalloped panels on the top give the bag a timeless, vintage look finished with intricate stitching to create a quilted effect. Gorgeous!

Rachel Simpson Sabine dusky blue suede clutch

MIMOSA in powder blue leather

A classic bridal blue shade, powder blue is one of the original Mimosa colours and a definite favourite with our brides. It's a little lighter than the dusky blue, made even more so by the leather which has a slight natural sheen, unlike the flat colour of suede. Mimosa powder blue has silver detailing which gives the shoe a slightly cooler look than other styles which have gold detailing- this works wonderfully with silver and Swarovski jewellery.

Rachel Simpson Mimosa blue wedding shoes

Mia is also a classic, a chic, vintage inspired clutch which was designed especially to compliment the Mimosa shoe. We love the Art Deco style shell shape and the cute kiss lock fastening.

Rachel Simpson Mia blue clutch bag

GARDENIA in powder blue leather

If you are looking for a classic blue wedding shoe, let me introduce the super chic Gardenia in soft powder blue leather. The front of the shoe is decorated with elegant teardrop shaped petals, with a signature t-bar strap to keep you comfy and secure all day. Metallic silver leather provides a striking contrast with the powder blue and is finished with a delicate silver buckle. I particularly love the low heel of Gardenia as its slightly thicker than many of our classic heels so is perfect for an outdoor wedding or those who aren't used to wearing a heel. 

Gardenia is another shoe which goes perfectly with our Mia vintage clutch in powder blue leather. A classic combination for your something blue.

Rachel Simpson Gardenia blue wedding shoes

STEPHANIE in dusky blue leather

Stephanie is such a chic blue kitten heel which oozes elegance and style. Made from soft dusky blue suede, what really sets the shoe apart is the intricate detailing on the front, outlined in contrasting metallic gold. A classic bridal slingback, the open back is really flattering, no matter what your size. A slingback can look a little more modern than a closed back when it's on a pointed shoe, and we've cunningly added an ankle strap as not everyone gets on with a slingback so this way you get all of the look with none of the slippage!

Stephanie is another blue wedding shoe which is complimented perfectly by the elegant Sabine envelope clutch- a strikingly chic combo for sure!

Rachel Simpson Stephanie blue wedding shoes

So there they are, a little intro to our collection of blue wedding shoes. Whether they're you're something blue or you just want to add a pop of colour it's a wonderfully versatile shade which goes with pretty much any style of dress. Click here to check out the full collection.


Rachel x

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