Blush pink wedding shoes- it's love!

Rachel Simpson

Posted on June 04 2020

Blush pink wedding shoes- it's love!


In the last of our series focussing on different colour groups of wedding shoes, today we're looking at why we love blush pink quite as much as we do. It's funny, we've been doing blush shoes for several years now but they're popularity seems to be going from strength to strength at the moment which we're more than a little bit happy about.

So why do we love blush wedding shoes so much? 

1. They're the ultimate romantic colour

Put simply, blush wedding shoes are dreamy :) The colour pink has always been associated with romance of course, but with blush pink we're not talking in your face romance, more candle lit, whispering in your ear type romance. It's soft, it's subtle and it reminds us of old fashioned roses, or peonies in full bloom. Traditionally of course, pink is a really feminine colour and a lot of brides want that classic feeling for their wedding right?

Rachel Simpson Mimosa rose gold wedding shoes

Photo from real bride Sybille

2. Blush pink is beautifully soft and super versatile

Subtle in shade and soft to the gaze, blush pink is also perhaps the original neutral colour and as a result makes for extremely versatile wedding shoes. Whether you're going for an ivory or white dress, or even a soft pink- blush shoes are guaranteed to compliment it perfectly. The colour is soft enough to not clash but still adds a subtle pop of colour as your shoes peep out from beneath your dress- the perfect compromise between tradition and something a little different.

Rachel Simpson Rosita blush pink wedding shoes

3. They're perfect for a laid back Boho style

Blush pink wedding shoes have a real warmth to them which is perfect for a laid back, boho style wedding. Often teamed up with gold accessories and accents, it's the ideal colour and is really flattering on the foot. 

Rachel Simpson Mimosa rose gold wedding shoes

Sybille tied the knot with Hartmut wearing Mimosa rose gold- gorgeous!

4. They go well with lots of bridal flowers and foliage too

Pinks, blushes and ivories are all popular for bridal bouquets, and we see a lot of brides match their shoes with their flowers which works so well. Whether you're going for blooming peonies, vintage style sweet peas or classic blush tinged roses, choosing a pair of blush pink wedding shoes can really emphasise the colours and help bring the whole wedding theme together. Imagine the photos of your bouquet with your shoes too!

Rachel Simpson Etienne nude wedding shoes

5. You can easily wear them again after the wedding

We've all got a pair of go-to nude courts or sandals in our wardrobe staples, which we rely on for those special occasions, weddings and summer parties. Neutral shades like nude, blush pink and metallics are fantastic staples which go with pretty much any colour. We're not saying that's the first reason you'd choose blush pink for your wedding shoes of course, but it's definitely a nice added bonus which means you'll easily get plenty more opportunities to wear your wedding heels and relive the memories long after the big day itself!

 Rachel Simpson Aurelia blush pink shoes and matching bag

Needless to say you if you want to add a little bit of colour to your shoes but don't know where to start, you can't go far wrong with a pair of pretty blush heels. Click here to see the full selection.


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