Bridal Shoes that are comfortable and easy to wear

Heather Mills

Posted on March 10 2020

Bridal Shoes that are comfortable and easy to wear


So after you've found your bridal gown, you turn your attention to your wedding shoes. You know you want a showstopping pair of heels- the only problem is you're not very confident in heels and are worried your feet will be aching all day and night. Luckily we understand here at Rachel Simpson that your shoes should give you confidence, be stylish and most of all comfortable. So let us show you our most comfortable easy wearing shoes which will make you dance for joy- literally!

1) Cecelia

What makes Cecelia the perfect wedding shoe is her easy 6.5cm low heel. It’s enough to give you a bit of a lift without being challenging to wear, so if you’re not used to wearing heels, this is the ideal shoe to go for.

Cecelia Wedding Shoe

2) Candyfloss Gold

Candyfloss truly has to be tried on to see just how incredibly comfortable they are, they may not be the lowest heel but the combination of the mid-height and block heel makes it the perfect shoe to give you some height while feeling really stable.

Candyfloss Gold Wedding Shoe

3) Mimosa

We had to include Mimosa in this list as over the years we've had so many brides contact us saying how they thought they wouldn't be able to wear heels on their big day and to their delight they kept a pair of Mimosa on all day!

Available in Mint, Blue, Ivory, Forest Green, Rose Gold, and Quartz Glitter.

Mimosa Wedding Shoe

Mimosa Wedding Shoe

4) Etienne

Etienne sits on classic 6.5cm heel making it the perfect shoe to take you comfortably from day to evening. An elegant twisted t-bar not only looks beautiful it makes your foot feel more secure in the shoe.

Etienne Wedding Shoe

Etienne Wedding Shoes

5) Isadora

Rachel herself chose to wear Isadora on her own wedding day and she will let you know wearing Isadora is almost like going barefoot, they’re so unbelievably comfy! They have a lovely low 6cm heel and feel super secure thanks to the ankle strap.

Available in Dusky Blue suede and Quartz Glitter.

 Isadora Wedding Shoe

Isadora Wedding Shoe

Isadora Wedding Shoe

We believe that you should love your wedding shoes and that's why we design all our shoes to be as comfortable as they are stylish. So why don't you surprise yourself and try one of our incredibly comfortable wedding shoes. Click here to shop. The added bonus is because Rachel Simpson shoes are not your 'typical' wedding shoe, they can be styled and worn many times after!


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