Can you wear your wedding shoes again?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on October 05 2020

Can you wear your wedding shoes again?


The simple answer is yes. Your wedding shoes are likely to be one of, if not the most expensive pair of shoes you ever invest in so you absolutely want to be able to wear them again! But what makes a wedding shoe wearable again versus being a purely bridal shoe? Here are our top tips for choosing wedding shoes you can wear again.

Don't forget your individual style

I've never really understood why shoes need to be different when you're getting married. I mean I do in the fact that they should be really extra special and make you feel amazing, but they should still reflect who you are and your individual style. Don't fall into the trap of shopping for 'bridal shoes' like being a bride makes you someone completely different. You're still you and it's vital you don't lose sight of your unique, individual style.

So if you love your heels don't compromise, just as if you're a flats kind of girl you shouldn't feel like you have to wear heels. Look at what you've got in your wardrobe and decide on the features you definitely need/ want from a pair of shoes and make this the starting point for your wedding shoes. That way you're far more likely to wear them again after the big day.

Rachel Simpson Aurelia blush wedding shoes and Sabine blush handbag

Consider the colour

As we all know, traditionally wedding shoes were white or ivory to match your dress perfectly. In fact the most common option was to buy a pair of dyeable satin shoes and have them coloured to match 100%. We've come a long way since then and coloured wedding shoes are now just as commonplace and the more classic colour ways. 

One of the main reasons to choose a coloured wedding shoe is that it does tend to make it a little bit easier to wear them again. Whilst you can wear ivory shoes outside of a wedding (see below!), this does tend to limit you to the summer months, when natural and white shades are more wearable. If you want to be able to wear your wedding shoes as much as possible it's worth considering a shade which will suit the colours in your wardrobe well.

Rachel Simpson Ophelia wedding shoes and Opal wedding handbag

Maybe metallic?

If you're not convinced about which colour to choose it's worth considering metallic wedding shoes. Metallics are slightly less traditional than ivory, but possibly a little more versatile than a specific colour. There are loads of metallics to choose from (gold, silver, champagne, pewter, bronze, rose gold), but they are all super versatile and go with pretty much any colour of outfit. 

I personally have a slight addiction to gold shoes, and have several pairs in my shoe closet. They're super special on your wedding day yet wearable afterwards with anything from occasion wear to jeans.

Rachel Simpson Ginger gold wedding shoes

Complete the set with a matching bag

We often get asked whether you need a bag when you're a bride. Some people like to have one on the day to make sure all they've got all their essentials near by, but some rely on a bridesmaid for that. Whatever you're planning for the wedding however, we always recommend getting the matching bag to your wedding shoes if you can for when you wear them again. If your wedding shoes have a unique design it can be difficult to try and find a matching bag at a later date, so even if you don't use the bag on the big day you can wear it for honeymoon, anniversary or a night out to mix up your wedding look.

Rachel Simpson Isadora glitter wedding shoes and Quartz glitter handbag

Remember to care for your wedding shoes!

If you do want to wear your wedding shoes it's important you look after them. After the excitement of the big day you'll probably just pop them back in their box, but it's worth taking a little bit of time once you get back from honeymoon to give them a little bit of tlc. Brush off any dirt marks and give them a good clean, before applying a fresh coat of protector spray or leather cream to keep them in tip top condition so they look as good as new next time you wear them.

Click here to see how I cleaned my suede wedding shoes (and that was several weeks after the big day!).


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