Can you wear your wedding shoes on any surface?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on October 19 2020

Can you wear your wedding shoes on any surface?


Once you've chosen your wedding shoes you shouldn't have to even think about them on the big day- other than to wonder at how utterly gorgeous they are and how fab they make you feel! You shouldn't be worrying about where you can and can't walk and you certainly shouldn't be feeling uncomfortable!

It's a funny one though, as in normal every day life you probably wouldn't consider going outside into a field in your most dressy pair of heels but on your wedding day, sure- let's get those photos done in the middle of that meadow! You probably wouldn't wear your nicest heels to walk up and down your gravel driveway all day either, but you do expect a pair of wedding shoes to last the duration of reception drinks in the courtyard. We ask a lot of wedding shoes when you think about it.

A good pair of wedding shoes will be more than up for the challenge (there's a reason we do a lot more leather and suede than delicate satin!), but there are things you can do to give them a helping hand.

Here are our top tips for making sure you can wear your shoes on (pretty much) any surface with confidence...

1. Wedding shoes on... GRASS

Picture the scene, you're inside the venue and the photographer comes in and says they've found the perfect location for an amazing shot. It's outside, in a field... and it's been raining so that surface is looking pretty wet and squidgy!

Don't despair- you've got to get that shot and what's a pair of shoes to stop you? We have two magical words for you- Clean Heels. These incredible little miracle workers act like a shield for your heels, increasing their surface area so you're less likely to sink into soft surfaces whilst at the same time protecting the heels themselves from getting dirty.

Clean Heels are worth every penny- have a pair to hand on the big day so you can slip them on before you head outside and just enjoy getting that perfect shot!

2. Wedding shoes on... GRAVEL

So many venues have a gravel driveway or courtyard, and it's highly likely you'll be spending some time on it whether it's your walk from the car or reception drinks after the ceremony. Pretty as it is, gravel can be quietly damaging for your wedding shoes but with a few advance steps you can minimise this significantly.

To minimise any damage from the fine dust and dirt which tends to arrive from gravel make sure you protect your shoes before the big day. We recommend our Natural Protector Spray which acts like a bit of a barrier to dirt and makes it a lot easier to clean any marks off your shoes.

Rachel Simpson shoe care

The other thing gravel can do is actually dent or even tear soft leather or suede heels (and don't even get us started on what it can do to satin!). Step in Clean Heels! Just like on grass, using a pair of trusty Clean Heels to protect your heels when walking on gravel is the perfect way to reduce this risk- your shoes will thank you!

3. Wedding shoes on... WOODEN FLOORS

Now this one is just as much about protecting the floor as it is about protecting your wedding shoes. Many stately homes and classic wedding venues have beautiful old wooden floors which need looking after, and as such often don't allow stiletto heels. To solve this you have a couple of options...

Choose a block heel if you want a fuss free way of getting around the limitations of a protected wooden floor. These have a much greater surface area than a pair of stilettos, so your weight is more evenly distributed and a lot less likely to damage or scratch the floor. And they're just as elegant- choose a sparkly block heel if you really want to make a feature of this gorgeous modern heel.

Rachel Simpson Candyfloss gold glitter block heel wedding shoes

However if you've fallen in love with a pair of wedding shoes with a thin heel don't worry- you can still go for what you want and keep the venue happy. Yet again we're going to recommend the ever versatile Clean Heels to solve the problem. The only difference is that whereas you can take them on and off if you're wearing them to protect your wedding shoes from grass or gravel, if you're getting married din a stately home we'd recommend keeping your Clean Heels on all day.

Simply pop them on when you put your wedding shoes on then you can forget all about them, safe in the knowledge that they're increasing your surface area (just like a block heel would), and preventing any damage to that beautiful wooden floor.

4. Wedding shoes on... COBBLED STREETS

Cobbled streets are super pretty, super romantic...and super tricky to navigate in a pair of heels! However if you're getting married anywhere near to a beautiful old town or village it's pretty likely you're going to have to get through this- so what can you do?

This is where a thicker heel is your friend. It doesn't have to be as wide as a block heel but you probably don't want to go for a classic slim heel either. There are plenty of gorgeous heels which are in between- ideally you're looking for a heel with a surface area bigger than about 15mm/ half an inch.

Rachel Simpson Margaux powder pink wedding shoes

Once again if you have your heart set on a pair of slim heels it's totally your decision and at the end of the day you can wear what you like- it's your wedding! If that is the case, we'd again recommend using a pair of Clean Heels to both protect your shoes and give you a little more stability on those wobbly cobbles!

5. Wedding shoes on... THE BEACH

Last but not least if you're lucky enough to be tying the knot on a lovely sunny beach (or if it's the British coast maybe more lovely, less sunny!), then you will have sand to contend with! Whilst in any normal scenario we'd most likely go barefoot, for a beach wedding you're probably still going to want wedding shoes- you just need to chose wisely!

Now here at RS we're huge fans of wedding flats, and believe that there have been some real shockers around in the past (like just because you don't want a heel you've lost all sense of style!). But the good news is that nowadays there are some truly stunning flat wedding shoes around so you can feel just as elegant as in a pair of heels. Flats are perfect for a beach wedding as you don't have to worry about any kind of sinking in the sand!

Rachel Simpson Luna flat gold wedding shoes

If you do fancy a heel for a beach wedding (and why not), look for a block heel or even a wedge. These have the largest surface area, and whilst you could try a pair of Clean Heels, this is one of the very few times when we'd not be 100% sure of their success (and we love them, as you know!).

Ultimately you should wear the wedding shoes you love and that are totally comfortable, but if you follow these tips taking into account where you're getting married, it might just help you find the pair which are even more perfect!

Click here to shop shoe care- your shoes will thank you :)

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