It’s all about comfortable shoes

Branwen Cook

Posted on February 23 2018

Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Say the words ‘comfortable shoes’ and you’d be forgiven for conjuring up images of padded slip ons, in perforated beige leather with Velcro straps. Of sensible flats, lace up pumps or, (dare we even utter the word) crocs. We get that and granted, these are all comfortable footwear options, but not of course ones you would probably consider wearing down the aisle.

The thing is, comfort doesn’t have to mean frumpy. Since when did comfortable become such a dirty word, and style have to be at the detriment of said word? Here at Rachel Simpson we’re passionate that you can have both- nothing pains us more than to see someone who can’t walk in their shoes or even (gasp) bare feet on the dancefloor. So, we’ve put together the factors which need careful consideration when choosing a pair of shoes, to ensure you’re as comfortable as you are stylish- and there’s not a Birkenstock in sight.

Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Materials matter

There’s a reason why leather has been used to make shoes for so many years. Being a natural material, it contains an impressive amount of stretch which gives during wear meaning your shoes mould to your individual foot shape over time. The natural elasticity means that they also maintain their original shape beautifully- style and comfort, who knew?

It’s what’s inside that counts.

If you do fall in love with a pair of non leather shoes (and that’s okay- we’re partial to a bit of fabric ourselves now and then), look for a leather lining rather than synthetic. You wouldn’t put a moisturiser full of nasties on your face, so why subject your feet to anything less? Leather lining not only feels soft against the foot, but is also naturally breathable (and who wants sweaty feet on their big day?).

Gold Wedding Shoes

What’s your perfect height?

We know, we know- we all fall in love with those ridiculous skyscraper heels in the glossies, but take a look at your wardrobe to see what you actually wear. There’s a reason the aforementioned are called ‘limousine shoes’- those who wear them probably don’t nip on the Northern Line for dinner. Obvious but true- you need to be able to walk in your shoes, with confidence, all day. Low heels don’t have to mean frumpy- we work really hard to design our low heels to be as beautiful as our high, so if you love a two inch heel don’t suddenly buy a pair of skyscraper stilettos and expect to rock them all day!

Comfortable High Heels For Weddings

High doesn’t have to equal pain

That said, if you love high heels don’t feel you should buy a pair of ‘sensible low heels’ for the big day. Be yourself. If you follow the points above and are confident in a higher heel then they can be just as comfortable as a lower option.

Strap me in!

Bearing in mind you’re going to be wearing your wedding shoes all day, all night and possibly into the early hours, you need to feel super secure. With so many other things going on- big dress, first dances, emotional relatives, you don’t want to have to think about your shoes too. Look for shoes which offer that additional support, such as t-bars, ankle straps or even a little lace tie. These are all great options you can pop on in the morning and forget about until you finally take them off when the dj’s played his last classic..


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