Congratulations to the winners of our #drawmeashoe competition!

Rachel Simpson

Posted on May 18 2020

Congratulations to the winners of our #drawmeashoe competition!

On 2nd May we launched our very first #drawmeashoe competition, asking you to get creative! #Drawmeashoe was something I started a few weeks after the start of the lockdown, where I asked people to request a shoe which they've like me to draw. Each day I'd draw a shoe for someone- some were from our collection and some were suggestions for brand new designs, but whatever they were it was a lot of fun!

Which is what gave me the idea to launch the competition- we created loads of line drawings which people could download for free and choose between colouring in a Rachel Simpson classic, or using one of the shoe templates to design their very own shoes!

The competition ran for just over a week and I was genuinely blown away by how many people got involved and took the time to get creative! Colouring in or drawing is not only great fun but it can be really good to calm you down if you're feeling anxious and stressed, and I received so many messages from people who'd found it really enjoyable and relaxing.

We had over forty entries and I'm not exaggerating when I say that it was really, really difficult to choose the three winners- in fact it was so hard I ended up choosing three runners up too! So, after a lot of deliberating I finally chose and I promised to share them with you so here goes...


1. Metamorphosis by Madeline Gittus 

#drawmeashoe Rachel Simpson

I love how Madeline has incorporated mixed media into her design- beautiful pencil work for the rainbow insole, glitter paint on the front of the shoe and even a 3D butterfly on the back! I also thought the idea behind the design, of it symbolising hope and optimism, that we go through a journey to brighter time. 

2. Hope by Lucy Frankton

#drawmeashoe Rachel Simpson

Lucy's design was one of the first to use the Rainbow theme as a basis for her design. I loved the subtlety of incorporating the colours into the binding of the shoe, and also her use of glitter to 'add a bit of sparkle', which we need more than ever the moment.

3. Lucija, Jerneja, Rahela & Bernardka by Bernardka Cemazar

#drawmeashoe Rachel Simpson

#drawmeashoe Rachel Simpson

#drawmeashoe Rachel Simpson

#drawmeashoe Rachel Simpson

Bernard designed not one but four different shoes, and what I particularly admired about this was that each one was for one of her sisters, with one for herself. I loved the idea of this being a mini capsule collection and also admired the fact that all four designs were drawn from scratch- very talented drawing.


1. Joy by Sophie Claus (title picture)

Sophie's design is Joy by name and joy by nature, as that's exactly what I felt when I first saw it. I love how it incorporates the look of our most popular shoe Mimosa and combines it with the Rainbow theme to create a truly stunning design.

2. Confetti by Kirstin Watson

#drawmeashoe Rachel Simpson

Kirstin's design was really colourful and fun, and I loved the original variation on the classic polka dot pattern. The confetti idea came from one of her favourite parts of the wedding, and I think the shoe really sums up that happy feeling!

3. Periwinkle by Laura Connick

#drawmeashoe Rachel Simpson

Laura's Periwinkle design was truly unique and with so many 3D elements you can almost feel it jumping off the page! The glitter heel is very cute, and I love the fact that she also designed these amazing starfish shoe clips to match! 

Thanks again to everyone who entered. I started the whole #drawmeashoe thing as a bit of fun, and as much for myself as for you guys but what I've absolute loved is how it brings people together of all ages and abilities for one central purpose- to relax, take ourselves away for a few moments and of course...GET CREATIVE!

Keep up the creativity you wonderful people :)


Rachel x


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