Do Rachel Simpson shoes come up big or small? A guide to choosing the right size

Rachel Simpson

Posted on October 21 2020

Do Rachel Simpson shoes come up big or small? A guide to choosing the right size


I think one of the most challenging aspects of buying shoes online is how to find the perfect fit. It’s always a worry when you can’t try them on and I’m always torn between going for my usual size, or ordering two sizes just in case. But then you’ve got the bother of sending back the pair you don’t want. If you just order one pair and they don’t fit, you’ve got to send them back and re-order the second size, but of course they’ll hopefully fit first time round- that's the dream! 

Here's a little guide on how to choose the right size Rachel Simpson shoes, and read on for more:

First thing’s first- we get it. We’re all online shoppers too and, like you get frustrated when things don’t fit as we’d hoped- we’re all busy, who’s got time to go to the post office right? It’s an ongoing challenge for most online retailers, and probably even more so for online shoe retailers.

Now there are all kinds of clever technologies which can help you find the right fit- and they’re great- but you also can’t beat the good old fashioned method of talking! So today I wanted to talk to you about how Rachel Simpson shoes fit- whether they come up big or small, and how to make sure you’re ordering the right size online.


Generally speaking, our shoes are known for coming up slight on the larger side. Take me as an example- more often than not I’m a size 40 in high street shoes, but occasionally I need a size 41- often in flats actually which can be a little less forgiving. In Rachel Simpson shoes, nine times out of ten I wear a size 40. Sometimes they even feel a little snug at first, but I know that once they give a little they’ll be just right. Our shoes are all made in super soft leather, so we’re not just saying ‘oh they’ll give’, they really will. I always say, if they’re just a little snug then go for it, but if they’re painfully tight then don’t- they won’t give that much! Also bear in mind that if your shoes are glitter they won't give as much as their leather or suede counterparts.


That said, I don’t believe in wearing your wedding shoes in before they big day, what’s that all about? Your wedding shoes should be comfortable from the moment you put them on, I mean- do you practise walking in work shoes?! You know yourself if the shoe fits or not, so go with your gut on this one.

Often people go for shoes that are too big because they’re so worried about them being uncomfortable. This probably isn’t helped by a pet annoyance of mine, which is seeing models and celebs in shoes about two sizes too big for them (keep an eye out, it’ll start to annoy you too)! If you try your Rachel Simpson shoes on and are wondering if they’re too big, chances are the answer is yes! Trust in the high quality, soft leather and don’t be afraid of the snug fit- it just means when they give it’ll be to your foot shape, meaning they’ll just get more and more comfortable.


One thing I haven’t yet mentioned is the fact that most people have one foot bigger than the other (who knew- and I bet you thought it was just you!). For me, it’s my right foot which is a little larger than it’s left hand partner. So when I’m trying a pair of shoes on I generally focus on the larger foot, because if she’s comfy then the smaller one will be fine. The only exception to this rule is if I’m buying a court shoe which doesn’t have a strap, in which case I’ll buy for the smaller foot so it doesn’t slip out once the shoe gives. 

Ultimately there’s no exact science and that’s why we offer free returns so you can easily order and try on in the comfort of your own home. Hopefully however this has given you a little guidance on how Rachel Simpson shoes fit. You’ll also find individual sizing advice in the description of each shoe, and if you’re still in doubt you can always get in touch.


Rachel x

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