Does a bride need a wedding bag?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on July 29 2020

Does a bride need a wedding bag?


Here at Rachel Simpson we love a matching shoe and bag combo, but who actually needs a wedding bag- the bride, mother of the bride, guests? 

A handbag for the bride?

Now the jury is on whether or not the bride actually needs a wedding bag, I mean how much stuff will you actually be carrying on the big day? Traditionally your bridesmaid or maid of honour will look after your essentials- phone, lipgloss, tissues- and be there on hand whenever you need them. Which means either she will need her own bag to carry these in, or she can carry yours- so wierdly although you might not carry it, many brides opt for a wedding bag for someone to look after on their behalf. At least that way you know you've got everything you need and have it close to hand.

Many brides also like to then have their bag in the evening when things are a little more relaxed, (and you might want a quick top up on the lippie!). It's also a great way to change up your look a little and make it more evening-y. 

One of the main reasons our brides love to go for a matching bag is actually for them to use after the wedding itself! Whether it's for your honeymoon, your first anniversary or your friend's wedding, having the matching bag for your wedding shoes means you can get plenty of wear out of them after the big day- perfect.

Rachel Simpson Freya ivory wedding bag

Matching shoes and bag for the mother of the bride

Having a matching handbag for your shoes tends to be a must for the mother of the bride, and is one of the main reasons we launched our bag range all those years ago. There is something beautifully elegant about matching your shoes and handbag and it really does complete and 'round off' an outfit perfectly.

Obviously there are no hard and fast rules, but generally we see our mothers of the bride opt for the bag which perfectly matches their shoes. When we design our bags we pick up the main detail of the shoe and incorporate it into the handbag. The collection also includes some more versatile handbag styles such as Coco in metallic gold leather, which can be worn with a wide variety of shoes.

Rachel Simpson Isadora matching blue shoes and bag

The perfect accessory for the best dressed wedding guest

Sometimes when you have a wedding to go to, you don't always want to splash out on a brand new outfit- particularly if you have one you love which you haven't had the opportunity to wear very much. I remember one year I went to six weddings in as many months! If this is the case then accessories are your new best friend- choosing a new pair of shoes with matching bag is the perfect way to mix up an outfit, effortlessly giving you a brand new look. 

As a wedding guest it's likely you may have a few more things to carry around than the bride or mother of the bride- everything you need to take you from day to night. So it's good to go for a slightly larger shape such as a classic envelope clutch or soft structure so you can fit just that little bit more in!

Rachel Simpson matching sparkly shoes and bag

There are loads of different shapes and sizes in the full collection- click here to view. As ever if you need any help or advice to find the perfect handbag to go with your shoes do get in touch- we're always happy to help.


Rachel x


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