Does your shoe collection need a bit of love?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on September 04 2020

Does your shoe collection need a bit of love?


As the mornings get darker and the days start to shorten, rather than mourning the end of summer, we're saying a happy hello to autumn here at RS! It's not that we haven't loved the long sunny days and all that summer brings, but we love the change in seasons and there's just something lovely about autumn.

September is a great time of year for your wardrobe, and the high street is full of new season collections. Having spent most of the summer in light, unfitted clothes because it was just so hot, it feels rather nice to be able to layer up again. With the weather so changeable at the moment layers have never been so important, with rain one minute and bright sunshine the next.

Likewise we're excited about wearing our beloved boots and shoes again after a summer of barefeet and flip flops! Particularly now many of us are working from home a lot more, there's been a lot less use of our heels so it's nice to be able to style our feet up a bit more once again.

However if you're anything like me, your shoe collection might need a little bit of tlc, so I've put together the things you should do now...

1. Sort out what you want to wear now

Autumn is the perfect time to give your shoe closet a little bit of attention. So many people do it with clothes- putting away their summer wardrobes until next year and getting out their autumn/ winter pieces- but our poor shoes can be a little bit neglected. Now is the time to go through the bottom of your wardrobe and decide what you're going to need for the next few months, and what can be tucked away with your summer things.

Right now don't be too drastic (that's for winter), we're still getting some warmer days so it's a good idea to keep at least one pair of casual open toes to slip on. As a rule here's my guide on what to keep out and what to put away:

Keep- ankle and shoe boots, courts, smart and sport sneakers, mid heels

Put away- flips flops, summer peep-toes, strappy day sandals

Keep in reserve a little bit longer- long boots, party heels, glitter (soon...)

2. MOT your shoes

Once you've done that, now is the perfect opportunity to give the shoes you will be wearing a bit of an MOT. It's so easy to wear our favourite shoes and boots throughout the season, before shoving them back into the cupboard at the end of winter, only to pull them out the following year to find that heel tips need replacing and they could really do with a good old polish! 

Take a look at the following:

Heel tips- do these need replacing? Think of them like tyres, if you don't replace them soon enough you'll ruin your shoes or boots for good. A little bit of expense now will save you a lot in future- get yourself to your local cobbler now

Leather- do your shoes and boots need a good old fashioned polish? For the short time it takes to pop on a nourishing cream or polish and buff them up, this is totally worth it and will not only make them look almost as good as new but will elongate their life by protecting them.

Suede- has this seen better days? Lots of people think that once suede is marked it's irretrievably damaged but that's not necessarily true. It's amazing what you can do with a suede block or brush, a bit of patience and some good old fashioned elbow grease! Spend some time buffing off dirt marks and brushing up the suede and you'll be surprised with the results!

Shaping- have your winter shoes and boots been shoved at the bottom of the wardrobe all summer, getting squashed underneath a pile of sandals and flip flops so they now look a little crumpled and sad? Now's the time to pad them out and help them get their shape back. Shoe trees are great, as are boot supports (both of which you'll find on Amazon), but there's a lot to be said for good old crumpled paper in your toes too!

3. Weatherproof your shoes

I spoke about this in my blog the other day, but it really is worth taking a bit of time to weatherproof your shoes. This doesn't just apply to new shoes (although if you do protect them before their first wear they will love you forever), even if you've worn your shoes or boots loads of times they will still benefit from a coating of protector spray to prevent any further damage. Click here to pop over to my blog on how to weatherproof your shoes for more details, and always refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

4. Treat your feet!

After all that tlc for your shoes, don't forget the feet that go in them! It's so tempting to neglect your feet during the autumn and winter months, with the excuse that 'no one will see them'. It's actually a really good time to pamper your feet as they're wrapped up in tights and socks rather than being out in the elements in flip flops. So treat yourself to a DIY pedicure and slather on the moisturiser overnight- your feet will thank you!

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