Ever get that sinking feeling? Introducing a true wonder product

Rachel Simpson

Posted on August 05 2018

Clean heels on Mimosa

So you know how it goes- you've found your dream shoes, but when it comes to the big day you're worried you might wreck them. Don't worry- we've found the perfect product to protect your shoes from damage. They're called Clean Heels, and you just pop them on the bottom of your heel.

Simply push them onto your heel as far as they will go, and you can then walk as normal. As they are transparent you can barely see them from a distance or in photographs, and the wide base ensures you don't sink into the grass- keeping your heels safe and clean.

Clean heels are perfect for wearing on multiple surfaces like cobbled streets, grass, the beach and wooden floors where stilettos aren't allowed. They also add a little touch of added stability. You can leave them on all day, or if you prefer, once you're done you can take then off, pop them into their handy little drawstring bag and put them in your handbag.

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