Flats or heels? Which wedding shoes are for you?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on April 17 2021

Flats or heels? Which wedding shoes are for you?


After a year of practically living in slippers as we all stayed at home, it's difficult to remember a time where we wore actual shoes for more than just the supermarket run and our wardrobes are full of gorgeous shoes just crying out to be worn! As you probably know, here at RS we are huge advocates of comfort and believe it's the most important factor when choosing your wedding shoes.

Right now it might be difficult to imagine ever wearing a pair of heels again, particularly if you were never really a heels kind of girl in the first place. Right now you might be thinking that you'll live in flats forever more, and of course that's absolutely fine. But what we would say is don't automatically discount heels because you presume they're going to be uncomfortable, or simply because it's been a while since you wore any. 

We're passionate that heels can be comfortable- it's not necessarily about the height, but more about how your shoes have been made and with what. All our shoes are made from beautifully soft leather and suede, which as a natural material moulds and shapes as you wear it. We spend time perfecting every pattern to make sure our shoes fit perfectly, without rubbing or digging into your foot. We do this for all our shoes- heels, flats and everything in between.

But which are for you- heels or flats? Both are perfect for your wedding day, it's all about feeling comfortable, confident and being yourself. Here are a few things to consider if you need a bit of help to decide.

1. What do you usually wear?

Take a look at your shoe collection. Is it 90% flat with a couple of pairs of trusty heels for nights 'out out'? Are there row upon row of amazing heels but you don't wear any of the because they kill your feet? Is it a real mash up of heel heights to cover any occasion?

When you choose your wedding shoes it's important to be yourself. If you never wear heels it's probably not a good idea to go for a pair of four inch stilettos. But you might want to wear a low heel to give you a bit of a lift. If you live in said four inch stilettos, don't feel you should go for a sensible low heel just because other people do.

Work out what you like and be honest in your expectations. 

2. How do heels make you feel?

As we all know a pair of shoes can totally transform the way you feel- just ask anyone who's worn a badly fitting pair of shoes and ended up walking home barefoot at 2am! In the same way that slipping on your old faithful trainers can make you feel relaxed and comfortable, a well fitting pair of heels can transform your mood into something entirely different.

For many people wearing a pair of heels feels different to wearing a pair of flats. Some people feel more dressed up in heels, and if that's you then you're never going to feel 'right' in a pair on flats on your wedding day. Alternatively if you love the way you feel in flats because it's more 'you', then absolutely rock that laid back chic on the big day.

Think about what you need from a pair of shoes and choose the heel accordingly.

3. What will you be doing on the big day?

Okay, practical one now. What will you be doing on your wedding day and therefore what do you need from your wedding shoes? If you're having an evening wedding and have only got to go from the ceremony to the restaurant, you can afford to wear a pair of 'limousine shoes', ie look great but you couldn't walk too far! However if you're getting married at lunchtime followed by reception drinks and a big old party, you're going to have to be able to wear those wedding shoes for hours with absolute confidence.

Be practical about what you need your shoes to do on the big day.

4. Where are you getting married?

Another practical consideration is where your wedding is taking place. Stilettos are a beautiful thing, but slightly less practical if you're getting married on a beach- in this instance you might want to seriously consider flats as the way to go! 

If you're getting married outside on grass you don't necessarily need a flat- if you want to wear a heel, you might want to go for more of a block heel so you don't start sinking! That said if you've fallen in love with a pair of shoes with a slimmer heel, you can always go for a pair of magical Clean Heels of course.

Be realistic about where you'll be wearing your wedding shoes and make sure they're suitable.

5. Which shoes make you swoon?

Our last tip is one we talk about a lot- make sure you love your wedding shoes! There are obviously practical considerations when choosing your wedding shoes but at the end of the day we want you to love them- to take one look at them and feel your heart flutter! The main thing is that you're comfortable and you feel amazing, so whether that's in a pair of heels or flats, if you love your wedding shoes and feel yourself in them, that confidence will shine through.

Go with your heart and the rest will follow.

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