Forest green the perfect colour for an autumn wedding

Heather Mills

Posted on September 16 2021

Forest green the perfect colour for an autumn wedding


As the seasons change and we say goodbye to summer, we're excited to say hello to autumn here at RS! It's hello to cosy- to coats and scarves, to crisp autumnal walks and to stunning colours as the leaves start to turn. Much as we love summer there is something magical about the transition into autumn- not least a stunning autumn wedding and all the beautiful styling possibilities that brings.

Maybe one of the reasons we love an autumn wedding is the colour palette- it's the perfect season to bring in rich, darker tones such as rich red, berry and purple tones, warm golden metallics and neutrals and of course one of our absolute favourites- forest green. 

Paloma Forest Green

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So why do we all love forest green so much? It's been at the top of the colour charts for a few years now, and is popular in everything from fashion to homeware, with no signs of slowing up. One of the reasons we think is that whilst it's quite a bold, rich colour, it's also really versatile at the same time. Whereas other bold colours can be pretty restrictive, only matching certain outfits, you can wear forest green shoes with a wide variety of different colours.

Mimosa Forest Green
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One combination which works especially well is forest green with crisp, classic white and ivory- hence why we love forest green wedding shoes so much! The striking contrast between the two colours works perfectly for a botanical themed wedding and can be tied together with plenty of seasonal foliage and classic ivory and white florals to soften the look- swoon!
Cecelia Forest Green
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Our forest green story started a few years ago when we launched our iconic Mimosa t-bar in forest green suede. Since then we've expanded our selection of forest green wedding shoes into two more of our signature styles- Paloma and Cecelia. So whether you want a mid heel or a low heel, a peep toe or a closed toe we've got you covered.
We've also introduced our beautiful Opal forest green clutch bag which compliments all three of our forest green shoes- the perfect finishing touch.
Opal Forest Green
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Exclusive reveal- we've got a new forest green style launching later this year! It's the perfect colour for an autumn or winter wedding (or spring or summer, let's be honest!), and is super easy to wear again and again after the big day. Our love for forest green shoes is here to stay.
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