Getting ready to go back to heels? Time to give your shoes some love

Rachel Simpson

Posted on May 15 2021

Getting ready to go back to heels? Time to give your shoes some love


As things gradually start to open up, we're looking forward to a more sociable Summer this year. Whether you're planning lazy barbecue afternoons with friends, a family garden party or a long awaited visit to your favourite restaurant it's finally time to dust off your wardrobe and wear more than just leisurewear and slippers!

There are two important factors here- you and your shoes, and whether both are ready! So here are out top tips for getting back to heels (or maybe flats, let's not rush these things) this Summer...

Rachel Simpson Aurelia and Ophelia shoes

1. Book yourself a pretty pedi

Having spent months at home, most likely in slippers, socks, bare feet or all of the above, you'd be forgive if your tootsies have seen better days! Now is the time to book that pedicure and get your toes summer ready- this season it's all about colour as we celebrate coming out of hiding, so go for a bright coral, a classic red or a pop of pastel.

OPI summer nail colours

2. Give your shoes some love

It's not just you who's been a little neglected over the lockdown months- think of your poor shoe collection, all shut up in the wardrobe with nowhere to go! Beautiful shoes are worth looking after, and it's worth getting them out for a bit of an MOT before you wear them. Leather is a natural material and can get a little dry-  remove any dirt marks with a dry brush or suede block, then treat them to a drink with a neutral leather cream. This puts the moisture back into your shoes and brings out the colour beautifully.

Rachel Simpson shoe care

3. Visit your cobbler for some top tips 

Another thing we can all be guilty of is wearing down the heel tips of our shoes, before popping them back in the wardrobe without sorting them out. Worn down heel tips are a bit like flat tyres- the more you walk them down the harder they are to mend, and if you leave it too long it's too late! Get your shoes out the wardrobe and do a bit of an audit- take any which need sorting out to your local cobbler for new heel tips. The low cost is a lot cheaper than a new pair of shoes!

It's also worth investing in a pair of magical Clean Heels, which you can pop on to protect your newly refurbished heels when you're going to be outside on grass, gravel or cobbles.

Clean Heels heel protectors

4. Choose your shoes carefully

Okay so you're ready, your shoes are ready, the only thing left is to decide which to wear first! Be realistic with yourself- if you're going to a beer garden where you'll be on your feet all day with very little chance of getting a seat, might not be the best place to first wear your five inch heels after a year in slippers! Similarly if you're off to a garden party you might be best off in some pretty flats or block heels, rather than a classic stiletto. We're not saying don't wear the super glam stuff, just remember you might not be as used to it as you were, so take it steady! 

5. Enjoy your beautiful shoes!

Last but by no means least, it's time to really enjoy your shoes again! We've missed dressing up so have fun planning what you're going to wear and give your beautiful shoes the attention they deserve! 

It's worth taking a bit of time to look after your shoes, they'll thank you and last a lot longer- trust us! Click here to find our full range of shoe care, and you can find plenty more top tips on our blog.

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