Go green for a botanical boho vibe

Rachel Simpson

Posted on August 10 2020

Go green for a botanical boho vibe


We had a mint green shoe in very first Rachel Simpson collection, when I launched the brand back in 2008. Since then our green wedding shoes have gone from strength to strength and have always been part of our signature look, and something we are known for. In addition to our signature mint green we are now almost equally known for our luxurious forest green shoes, which first joined the collection a couple of years ago.

Green wedding shoes are the perfect choice if you're going for a boho vibe, or perhaps have some botanical features in your wedding. Maybe you've got foliage on the tables, or stems of eucalyptus in your bouquet. If you're getting married outside or even if you're having photographs outside, green wedding shoes work perfectly as they tone with the natural elements of your day. 

It's also such a soft, calming colour- green is well known for this so it's no coincidence it's a popular choice now for weddings. It also works so well with ivory, white and neutral tones- probably due to it being a colour so often found in nature. This is probably why it's also so versatile and can be worn with pretty much any style of wedding dress- boho, vintage, romantic or glam.

Let's take a closer look at the green wedding shoes and bags in the Rachel Simpson collection...

Mimosa in Forest Green suede 

A couple of years ago we made a sample of Mimosa in a stunning new, rich forest green suede with metallic gold detailing and t-bar. We decided to show a sneak peek on Instagram...and that post became one of our most popular ever to that date in a matter of hours! So that was how Mimosa forest green was born, and we had to bring the launch forward to meet demand- it was all very exciting. 

Since then she has continued to be one of our most popular styles and we can see why. The forest green colour really picks up the natural, leaf (or petal) style motifs which Mimosa is made from, and contrasts beautifully with the metallic gold- green and gold is a classic combination.

Rachel Simpson Mimosa forest green wedding shoes


Isla in Mint Green leather

Isla is one of the Rachel Simpson classics which have been in the collection for many years. She carries all the signature features of the brand- the delicate appliqués, intricate stitch detail and of course the wonderfully wearable t-bar. When we were looking for another style to introduce in our signature mint green we knew Isla was the one- the gold and silver leaves on the front of the shoe contrasted beautifully with the soft pastel colour.

Another great feature of Isla is her wearable six centimetre heel which is effortless to wear, but still high enough to give you a bit of a lift when you don't want a flat wedding shoe. And of course you know we love a t-bar- not only because they look great but on a practical level they really do make you feel secure in your shoes.

Rachel Simpson Isla mint green wedding shoes


Mimosa in Mint Green leather

Our longest running green shoe, Mimosa in mint green is apparently one of the most pinned shoes on Pinterest. It's been pinned, it's been copied (yes, really), and is arguably the original Mimosa as it tends to be even more well known that it's ivory counterpart. Despite all that however we still can't get enough and never tire of seeing photos of how our brides style Mimosa mint green on their big day.

Mimosa mint green has an undeniably vintage look and for that reason works particularly well with lace and part lace dresses. The soft tone of the colour peeps out subtly from beneath the lace to perfectly compliment a vintage or classic look, and also works beautifully against all skin tones. 

Just like Mimosa forest green, Mimosa mint also works perfectly against natural, botanical features such as foliage whether that outside or indoors. It's the perfect way to add a pop of colour in a really soft and subtle way.

Rachel Simpson Mimosa mint green wedding shoes


Mia in Mint Green leather

If you want a clutch to complete the look with your Mimosa or Isla mint green shoes, Mia is the perfect match. She's has an elegant vintage inspired shell shape made from individual pieces, which are stitched onto a metallic gold backing to create a striking contrast which highlights the contours perfectly. 

Mia is the small but handy, fitting a surprising amount in her petite interior. She closes securely with a vintage style kiss lock fastening and has a detachable chain so you can wear over your shoulder or as a clutch.

Rachel Simpson Mimosa and Mia mint green wedding shoes and matching bag


 Willow in Mint Green suede

The newest green shoe to join the Rachel Simpson is Willow- a stunning flat wedding shoe made in our brand new mint green suede. It took us a while to find the perfect shade of mint green in a soft suede but the result is stunning. We love the way the metallic gold leather contrasts with it, really highlighting the vintage inspired Art Deco shaped motifs on the front of the shoe.

We were determined to make our flat wedding shoes every but as glamorous as our heels, and Willow is no exception. Super flattering on the foot, as you look down you could just as easily be wearing heels which is great if you're not used to that and want total, effortless comfort for the big day.

Willow's ankle strap not only looks great but also gives you a secure and supportive fit, adjustable around your ankle.

Rachel Simpson Willow mint green flat wedding shoes

Paloma in Forest Green suede

Last for today but by no means least, meet Paloma in rich, delicious forest green suede. It's the same colour as Mimosa forest green but has a unique look all its own- it is of course also a closed toe so perfect for an Autumn or Winter wedding. There are so many things we love about Paloma forest green but the first thing you notice is the contrast between the forest green and gold straps at the front of the shoe, and the way they intertwine with each other and run into an elegant gold t-bar.

Paloma has a very vintage look, with style influence from the 1920s and 30s. She is a classic two part t-bar shoe, fastened with a slim gold buckle at the ankle. Wear with a wide variety of wedding dresses and pair with rich foliage to compliment a botanical theme.

Rachel Simpson Paloma forest green wedding shoes

Click here to see our full range of green wedding shoes and matching bags... rumour has it there's more to come later in the year too, shh!


Rachel x



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