Going for gold? Why you should choose gold wedding shoes

Rachel Simpson

Posted on May 31 2020

Going for gold? Why you should choose gold wedding shoes


There is something truly wonderful about gold wedding shoes. Why? There are so many reasons and I'm something of a personal fan, so today I wanted to celebrate my obsession and explore what's so special about gold shoes.

1. They go with everything

One of the most fabulous things about metallic shoes (of any colour) is the fact that they're a neutral shade- they go with any colour outfit, are flattering on all skin tones- the list goes on which just makes them incredibly versatile. So you can wear them for your wedding shoes and have absolutely no problem styling them up and wearing them again. That said, with metallic shoes versatile absolutely doesn't mean nondescript (as you can sometimes find with other nude shades). It's bold enough to make a statement, but whereas more colourful shades might not go with certain outfits, gold, silver, bronze and pewter go with everything!

 Rachel Simpson Gigi gold wedding shoes

Photo credit (and main photo): Vicki Jackson

2. They add a touch of glamour

Who doesn't love a bit of old fashioned glamour? Exactly. There is something timelessly classic about gold shoes, kind of a nod to old school Hollywood, when stars would don their gold heels and mink and sashay down the red carpet (well we can daydream ;)). This was certainly the inspiration behind our Gigi shoe, complete with foxy gold snakeskin print and elegant two part silhouette. Gold shoes provide a subtle but definite touch of glamour as they peep out from underneath your wedding dress..and you can wear them for many more nights out to come!

Rachel Simpson Gigi gold wedding shoes

3. You can wear them for any season

Gold shoes are the perfect transitional choice which you can wear for any season. In hot weather they reflect the sun and compliment Summer skin; in Autumn the warm tone blends perfectly with a seasonal colour palette of oranges, ochres and reds; pair them with Spring pastels for a stunning contrast, and in Winter gold shoes look amazing with dark jewel tones. 

Rachel Simpson Candyfloss gold glitter heels

4. They're fun yet elegant

There is something undeniable fun about gold wedding shoes, but what I love is that they're still gorgeously elegant at the same time. Whenever I'm struggling to decide what to wear for a night out or a special occasion, I often find myself going for gold shoes and working my way up- they're a failsafe!  

Rachel Simpson Candyfloss gold glitter heels gold shoes

5. They have a gorgeously vintage feel

Lastly but by no means least, I love the vintage look a gold wedding shoe can bring. You often (but sadly not often enough and definitely never in my size!) see gorgeous gold vintage sandals in good vintage shops and they're timeless, elegant and quite simply gorgeous! One of our most vintage styles is Ginger (pictured below) which was inspired by a classic 1920s dance shoe- it remains one of my all time favourites...

Rachel Simpson Ginger gold vintage wedding shoes

Rachel Simpson Ginger vintage gold wedding shoes

I should stop now, although I could wax lyrical about my love of gold shoes all day! If you need any styling advice or help choosing your shoes you know where we are. In the meantime you can find our full collection of gold shoes by clicking right here!


Rachel x


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