How do I choose the right size when buying wedding shoes online?

Rachel Simpson

Posted on January 20 2022

How do I choose the right size when buying wedding shoes online?


It can be tricky knowing which size to go for when buying your wedding shoes online- how do you choose the right size when you can't try them on? Don't panic- there are a few simple tips and tricks to follow which will help you find the perfect fit.

Although it's important to get the right fit when buying any pair of shoes, this is particularly true when buying your wedding shoes as you're likely to wear them for an incredibly long time. Usually you wear shoes for the day or for a night out- your wedding shoes effectively have to see you through both! Take the time to find the perfect fit now and your feet will definitely thank you later.

Here are our top tips to help you choose the right size when buying your shoes online...

1. Confirm which size you usually wear 

It may sound obvious but it's always a good idea to take a look at your existing shoe collection and see which size you buy most often. This is especially useful if the brand you're looking at has European sizing for example, and you only know your UK or US size, say. Which of your shoes are the most comfortable, what size are they? Once you've done a little audit of your shoe closet you should have an idea of the size you most frequently buy.

2. Find out how the brand you're buying comes up size wise

Just like clothing nowadays, shoe sizing can vary quite a lot between brands. This depends on a number of factors such as where they're made and what they're made from. A good quality brand should be consistent throughout it's own collection however, so if you find out whether their products size large, small or pretty true to size this will help you select the right size. So for example, if you're in between two sizes if a brand comes up on the more generous side you'd want to go for the smaller of the two.

Check out the reviews from previous customers, the brand's FAQ page or contact their customer service team to find out.

3. Measure your feet

Although not an exact science, some brands will give you approximate measurements of the shoe length which can be helpful to compare against the length of your foot. The approximate length measurements we provide at RS are taken using a flexible tape measure inside the shoe, from the centre point at the heel down to the very tip at the front of the shoe.

If you have a similar style of shoe to the ones you want to buy that fit you well, measure these in the same way and compare them to the sizing chart to find the right size. You do need to allow a little extra for the peep toe or for a closed toe the space where your foot won’t reach.

4. Look at what the shoes are made of 

Different materials have different properties so it's also worth checking what your shoes are made from- not just the upper but the lining too. Being a natural material, leather is not only breathable but also has a good amount of 'give' so the shoes will stretch a little when you wear them. Again if you're in between sizes, if the shoes are 100% leather (upper and lining), the smaller size may be better to allow for this give- you don't want them to stretch and be too big in future.

If the shoes are made from fabric, ie satin, or a synthetic material there won't be any give so in this instance you may be better off with the larger size.

5. Consider the style of the shoe 

Although we tend to be the same shoe size all the time, the style of shoe can also make a difference when it comes to choosing the right size. If you're going for a closed toe shoe for example, you won't get away with the shoe being too small, whereas if you're going for a slingback, you don't want the shoe too big or it will slip at the heel. Again, compare back to the shoes in your wardrobe for guidance.

Okay so you've followed all of the above steps and your shoes have arrived and you're still not sure. Don't worry, there are a few more steps you can take to make sure you've chosen the right size.

6. Try them on at different times of day

Our feet expand as we go through the day so are at their smallest first thing in the morning. So if you do a full day on your feet and then try your shoes on, they're going to feel a lot more snug than if you try them on just after breakfast! It's a good idea to try your shoes on at different times of the day before deciding whether or not they're the right size.

Chances are you're going to put your wedding shoes on in the morning and if your shoes are 100% leather they'll naturally give as your feet expand, giving you a comfortable fit all day long. So generally speaking if they're a good fit first thing in the morning you're on to a winner.

7. Get a second opinion

Now we say this with caution because when it comes to comfort, only you know how you really feel. That said if you're still in doubt it can be helpful to talk it through with someone who's opinion you really trust. This can be particularly relevant if you have a tendency to go for shoes which are a little on the large size because you're so worried about them being too small. Be careful as this can be just as uncomfortable as shoes which are too small. This is where a trusted friend can be helpful as they'll be able to see when shoes look a little big and give you an honest opinion.

8. Check the company's returns policy 

Lastly check out the brand's returns policy. Most are designed to give you plenty of time to try your shoes on at home and return them if they're not the right size- obviously just be really careful with them so they're kept in perfect condition. We offer 90 days to allow time for dress fittings or getting together with bridesmaids, mums etc!

Of course you always have the option to order two sizes if you're not sure, but hopefully if you follow our handy tips you'll be able to choose the right size from the beginning and save you having to arrange a return. 

For more information click here to visit our FAQs and you can find lots more top tips on our blog here.


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