How Rachel Simpson shoes are made- finished to perfection

Rachel Simpson

Posted on October 18 2021

How Rachel Simpson shoes are made- finished to perfection


Over the past few weeks we've taken you on the journey of a Rachel Simpson shoe, showing you the many intricate processes which are involved in making every single pair. Now that our shoe is almost complete it's time for the final few steps. Whilst it's one of the very last stages of the shoe making process, finishing is incredibly important as it's here where our team inspect every single shoe to make sure they are absolutely perfect.

Rachel Simpson shoe finishingEvery single shoe is carefully inspected by our finishing team, who have an incredible eye for detail and make are there are no quality issues. For example, sometimes there might be the occasional bit of glue visible between the sole and the upper, so they'll carefully remove this. Or if there is a slightly colour difference on the sole edge this will be skilfully painted with a tiny brush (and a whole load of patience!), as pictured above.

Once we're 100% happy with the shoes they are paired up and carefully padded out with tissue paper to protect them in transit. We don't use any plastic in our packaging so everything can be recycled.

Rachel Simpson shoe packaging

Once the shoes have been paired up, they are carefully wrapped up with crispy fresh tissue paper into our signature mint green boxes, before being shipped to brides worldwide.  Click here to view the full collection. 

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