How Rachel Simpson shoes are made- it's all in the details

Rachel Simpson

Posted on September 28 2021

How Rachel Simpson shoes are made- it's all in the details


There are many factors which make our shoes unique- some you can see and some you can feel. We're known for our distinctive signature style which is vintage inspired with a unique twist, and know a Rachel Simpson shoe as soon as you see one. We're huge fans of a t-bar and when we first launched the brand back in 2008 we were one of only a few who offered a decent selection (they're more available now, we're saying nothing). Another thing we're known for is our use of colour, which has been part of the collection since the very beginning.

But aside from all the more obvious features (high grade leathers and suedes, perfectly cut patterns, carefully selected heels), did you know there are a number of subtle details which really make a Rachel Simpson shoe different? You'd be forgiven if your answer was no, these are all part of the magic which makes our shoes something really special.

How Rachel Simpson shoes are made- the details

The Rachel Simpson signature sock

No, we're not talking sock as in the wooly kind you wear inside your winter boots. A sock is the word used for what many people refer to as the 'insole' of a shoe, or the bit you stand on to be precise! (For the fact fans, the insole is actually the harder layer which goes between the sole and the sock). 

Our signature sock is made up of three separate pieces- the front, the back and a small decorative piece which goes in the middle. Believe it or not these three pieces are all carefully glued together by hand before being stitched together. We've talked about the importance of perfectly cut patterns before (missed that blog? Click here), but there are even multiple patterns for the different shoe sizes when it comes to the sock!

How Rachel Simpson shoes are made- details

Rachel Simpson socks are stitched all the way around- this is an incredibly skilled process getting so close to the edge- but it gives the shoe a polished finish. Next time you're shoe shopping see if you can see any other shoes with this detail, it's unlikely!

How Rachel Simpson shoes are made- stitching the sock

All our linings and socks are made from 100% natural leather which not only feels amazing underfoot, it also allows your feet to breath so you don't need to worry about sweaty feet on the big day!

Just beautiful shoes...

When Rachel first started the brand people would ask her what made her shoes so different and she would answer, "well they're just beautiful shoes". And so the phrase stuck and ever since then you'll find this wonderfully simple phrase embossed on the soles of all Rachel Simpson shoes- it's the little things.

Click here to see all of those beautiful shoes.

 Rachel Simpson shoes- signature sock

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