How Rachel Simpson shoes are made- the perfect heel and sole

Rachel Simpson

Posted on October 13 2021

How Rachel Simpson shoes are made- the perfect heel and sole


As well as beautiful shoes, you probably know that we're all about wearability here at Rachel Simpson. It doesn't matter how amazing a pair of shoes looks, if it doesn't feel just as good (if not better), it's just not worth it. The art of a well made shoe is to make the wearer feel as good as they look and we take this very seriously. 

So when it comes to choosing the perfect heels for our shoes this is no exception.  The heel of any shoe makes a huge difference to the comfort factor- not just in the height but also in the shape. That's why our collection goes from flat wedding shoes up to (relatively) high heels, from a classic slim curved heel to cool metallic block heels. Each one has been carefully selected to compliment the style of the shoe so the result is perfectly balanced in both look and feel.

Once the shoe has been lasted (if you're not sure what that means click here to find out), we're ready to attach the heels and soles. A special machine attaches the heels to ensure they are super secure, before the leather sole is added. Our soles are made from 100% leather which makes it feel like you're walking on air whilst being really durable- it really is an amazing natural material!

Rachel Simpson shoes- attaching the soles

Before attaching the natural leather sole we have to 'rough off' the bottom of the shoe, which removes any excess material and prepares the surface. This is an incredibly skilled job- one wrong move and the whole shoe is ruined!

Rachel Simpson shoe making

A special adhesive is applied to both the bottom of the shoe and the leather sole itself, before being flash heated and then secured together. The shoe and sole are then put into a sole press, which does exactly what the name suggests and presses the two firmly together. A top piece is then hammered into each heel by hand, and it's this which you can replace in the future to give your shoes even more life.

Rachel Simpson shoe making

Once the heel and sole are both securely attached we can then remove the last (also called 'slipping the last') to reveal the final shoe. A Rachel Simpson signature leather sock is carefully glued into every shoe before they move onto the finishing department. 

How Rachel lSimpson shoes are made

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