How to choose the right size wedding shoes

Rachel Simpson

Posted on January 15 2021

How to choose the right size wedding shoes


One of the main challenges of ordering your wedding shoes online is choosing the right size. Whilst we offer easy returns so you can change the size if you need to, obviously we'd all much rather you found the perfect fit on the first attempt!

Whilst it's obviously impossible to guarantee that your shoes will fit first time, (after all feet are funny things and come in all different shapes and sizes), there are a few guidelines we'd recommend to help you. By following these easy tips we hope to help you select the right size and give you the best chance of finding your perfect fit first time around. 

1. Look in your wardrobe!

First thing's first- take a look in your wardrobe for any shoes you already have which have European sizing. Our shoes are made in Spain so have European sizing, which very common as plenty of other brands manufacture their shoes in Europe. It may sound obvious but if at least 90% of your existing shoe collection is, say a size 38, there's a strong chance this will be the right size in Rachel Simpson too!

Rachel Simpson Mimosa rose gold

2. Are you in between sizes?

Some people are always in between two different sizes and would ideally take a half size- for example if a 38 is too small and a 39 too big, a 38.5 would be perfect. Sadly we don't offer half sizes- we'd love to but this would increase our stock and mean we'd be able to hold less styles. However, Rachel Simpson shoes do tend to come up slightly on the generous side, so if you are in between sizes we would recommend ordering the smaller of the two. Even if these feel everso slightly snug at first, the soft leather will give during wear meaning you'll end up with the perfect fit.

Rachel Simpson Eden flat wedding shoes

3. Length and width are two different things

That said remember that lengthened width are two very different things. Whilst our shoes will give a little in the width, they won't change in length- leather only stretches one way and when we make the shoes we ensure the stretch goes across the width- if it was in the length your shoes would end up falling off!

It's okay if your shoes feel a little bit snug in the width when you first try them on, but if your toe feels squashed against the end of the shoe, or your heel feels like it might rub, chances are you need the next size up.

Rachel Simpson Gardenia blue wedding shoes

4. Too big can be just as uncomfortable as too small

It's not uncommon to see models wearing shoes which are way too big- take a look next time you pick up a magazine. Now this is fine if you're only popping a pair of shoes on for a photoshoot, but not if you're going to wear them all day and night. Often people will size up if they're not sure, but this can end up being just as uncomfortable as wearing shoes which are too small. As we've said in points 2 and 3, don't automatically think your shoes are too small if they feel a teeny bit snug at first- work out whether it's the length or the width before automatically going to the next size up.

Rachel Simpson Fern flat wedding shoes

5. Try your shoes on at different times of day

Now this may sound strange, but your shoes will fit slightly differently at different times of the day. If you try your wedding shoes on in the evening after a long day of being on your feet, they are likely to feel a touch more snug than if you tried them on first thing. Our feet expand a little during the day as they get hot and tired, but on your wedding day you'll most likely put them on either first thing, maybe late morning, but probably not at 7pm!

If your wedding shoes fit you comfortably in the morning, but feel a little snug in the evening that's perfect- on the big day itself, by the evening you will have worn them enough for the soft leather to give to your foot shape, and they should be just right.

Check out Rachel's short video on our IGTV, click below...

Rachel Simpson size guide

Need more help?

So those are some of our top tips to help you choose the right size wedding shoes, but if you're still unsure check out the individual sizing advice on the styles you're looking at. You can also get in touch with us via the website or on social, and we're always happy to advise you.

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