How To Choose Your Wedding Shoes

Rachel Simpson

Posted on April 07 2021

How To Choose Your Wedding Shoes


How do I choose my wedding shoes? It’s a question we get asked surprisingly often. I say surprisingly because it’s not a question you tend to get for any other kind of shoes. How do I choose my work shoes, for example, isn’t a question I’ve heard a lot. That said, your wedding shoes are quite possibly the most emotionally important pair of shoes you’re ever going to choose so it’s maybe not that surprising that we all need a bit of advice about how to choose the perfect pair.

Over the past twelve years of being in the bridal footwear industry I’ve met and talked to hundreds, if not thousands of brides who all needed a bit of guidance to find their perfect wedding shoes. So today I wanted to give you a little run down of the hints and tips I’ve picked up along the way- not the typical ‘how to choose your wedding shoes’ blurb you might find in wedding magazines but some tried and tested, honest advice to hopefully help you not to stress and to actually enjoy the experience of shopping for your dream wedding shoes…

 1. What shoes do you LOVE?

Firstly, let’s take a moment to think. Think about the shoes which make your heart flip. Forget practical, forget budget, forget what you usually wear and just daydream. Is it those incredible, over the top Swarovski and feather Jimmy Choos? It is sky high, barely there sandals which make you swoon? Are you more of a sentimental shoe girl and fell in love with a pair your grandma wore to marry your grandad? Did you see a pair on Pinterest which nearly made you drop your phone?

You know that feeling? That one right there? THAT is what you should feel when you find your wedding shoes. That tummy flip, that ‘OHMYGODILOVETHEM’, that, well *sigh* when you realise you’ve found them. 

Once you’ve identified the kind of shoes which make you feel like that, write 2-3 things down which they all have in common. Are they sparkly and embellished? Elegant and vintage? Are they classic ivory, metallic gold or is it colourful shoes which get you going? By identifying the common factors you can create a shopping list of must haves for your wedding shoes, and this can be invaluable to stop you getting overwhelmed as you start to look around.

2. What shoes can you actually WEAR?

 So we’ve created a bit of a wishlist, when I said to ignore practicality, but….(and it’s a big one), you are going to have to wear these shoes for HOURS. Obviously every wedding is different, but on average a bride will wear her wedding shoes for around 12 hours straight. I know at my wedding I put them on at about 1.30pm and didn’t take them off until I finally went to bed around 3.30am…


COMFORT! I just shouted a little bit, because this is something I am passionate about. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE COMFORTABLE, because if you’re not it’s going to affect how you feel on the day. We’ve all been there at the end of a great night out when all we can think about is taking our shoes off right? Trust me, you don’t want that feeling on your wedding day, you’ll want it to go on for ever and ever, you shouldn’t even be thinking about your shoes!

 So if your wish list (see point 1) was full of high heels, maybe look to the other points you wrote down so you can get the same idea but on a heel you can actually wear. Believe me when I say- showstopping wedding shoes do not have to be high heels! Got it? Good. 

3. What shoes will you feel the most YOU in?

Are you a classic bride and want your shoes to tie in with the overall look of the day? Or do you want to make more of a statement and like the idea of your shoes being a little bit ‘out there’? When I got married for example,  I thought I’d want real statement shoes, but when it came down to it I was somewhere in between traditional and modern and opted for a colour, but a soft dusky blue rather than a bright red or something. Don’t go for wedding shoes you think you should have- after all, says who? The only person who needs to love these shoes one million percent is YOU.


So if you’ve got your heart set on a pair of completely over the top, ridiculous statement shoes and someone says ‘really?’ in that kind of annoying/ slightly disapproving way, remember that they’re not the ones who’s going to wear them. Similarly if you want to go for a truly classic ivory satin wedding shoe and someone questions that, ignore them. When it comes to finding your perfect wedding shoes there’s no right or wrong, other than the fact that you should LOVE them. You, not your bridesmaids or your mother in law to be, just you. You want to put those shoes on and feel like it’s you getting married, not ‘the bride’. After all, you’re the one your partner asked right? ;)

4. How much do you want to spend?

 Now I’m not going to major on the money point, because you should always only spend what you’re comfortable with. All I will say is don’t be fooled by false economy. I’ve heard so many people say ‘what’s the point, you won’t see them anyway’, or spending an absolute fortune on their dress only to grab a £40 pair of pumps at the last minute.

Firstly you will see them. When you walk, when you dance, when your new husband whisks you into his arms….and it feels good when you give people a little flash of THOSE SHOES, trust me. And secondly it’s not about that really, it’s about how your wedding shoes make you feel. No one’s going to see your underwear, or your perfume, or the note you wrote your husband to be, but it doesn’t stop all these things making you feel super happy. Wearing the right shoes is crucial, and it can be a false economy going for a cheaper option if they’re going to be uncomfortable and make you feel anything less than cloud nine happy and comfortable.


And that’s it- just a few of the most important tips I’ve learnt about how to choose your wedding shoes. I could go on and on but these are the most important- don’t forget however, you can always get in touch if you need any help. We’ve been doing this a fair while now and helping you choose your perfect wedding shoes is something we genuinely love to do. You can email or call us, or find us on social- we’ll be the ones creating Pinterest boards of our dream shoes… 

If you need a bit of inspiration in the meantime, click here to take a look at our full collection of beautiful wedding shoes here- there's ivory, colours, metallics, high heels, low it's not a bad place to start!


Rachel x

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