How to clean luxury wedding shoes

Heather Mills

Posted on June 26 2019

How to clean luxury wedding shoes

We often get emails from brides worrying about how to clean their wedding shoes to keep looking as pristine as possible. 

Designer shoes are an investment and we want you to be able to keep them looking beautiful for as long as you have them. We hand make all of our shoes in a family run factory in a little village in Spain and it can take up to 7 hours to make just one shoe. The craftsmanship and time taken to create each pair is second-to-none, which means, provided the shoes are looked after, they really can last you a lifetime.

  Behind the scenes

The soles are brushed leather and they come with a protective film on the bottom. We sometimes get emails from brides panicking their soles are falling off- this isn't the case at all. Once you decide you are keeping the shoes gently peel off the protective film to reveal the brushed leather sole. The soles do mark easily so don't be alarmed- they are very durable- but if you could avoid splashing in puddles that would be preferable! Click here to watch a video on how to remove the plastic film

Peeling off sole on shoe

The upper (the shoe itself) will be leather, satin, or suede, all of which can be cleaned but we suggest before it gets to the cleaning stage you protect the shoes as best as possible.

Dasco Cleaning Spray

We recommend using Dasco natural protector spray. It's a light spray to spritz all over the shoes to help protect them if they get wet or muddy. You can buy it here.

You can also use clean heels on the bottom of your heels to prevent you from sinking in grass or getting your heels scuffed on gravel. You can buy them here.

If you do get your shoes dirty, don't worry all is not lost, we have cleaning products available too! 

For our metallic leathers and trims, the Metallic Cleaning Gel is great to buff away any dirt and dullness available here.  We have some really helpful videos to show you how to clean satin and leather.

Click to watch 'How to clean satin.'

Click to watch 'How to clean leather.' 

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Important points to remember:

-to always read the instructions

-start with a small patch inside the heel

-don't douse the material, start small and build up layers.

-keep your shoes in the dust bags provided and stored away from direct sunlight.

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Of course, if you need any more advice feel free to drop us an email we're always happy to help!

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