How to Clean Suede Wedding Shoes

Rachel Simpson

Posted on April 13 2020

How to Clean Suede Wedding Shoes

Last week we showed you how to protect your wedding shoes before you wear them. This hugely affects how easy it is to clean them after the big day, so it's well worth it (click here if you missed it). 

Today we wanted to show you how to clean them after the wedding, once you've partied the night away. Believe it or not quite a lot of people are a bit put off by suede wedding shoes and this seems to be largely because they're worried about them getting ruined. But worry not- you may be pleasantly surprised to know that suede wedding shoes are actually an awful lot easier to clean than satin wedding shoes. Whilst you can of course clean the latter, it's a whole lot harder and the chances of getting them back to their original state is a lot less likely- certainly without professional help.

If you've got six spare minutes, in the below video I show you how easy it is to clean suede wedding shoes. In fact I'm actually cleaning my own wedding shoes in real time- I am guilty of wearing them on grass until the early hours at my wedding, putting them back in their box (with no cleaning at all), and not getting them back out for over seven months- eek! 

But even with all of that I'm pleased to say that the results were fab (I was properly pleased with myself)! All I used was a suede cleaning block (click here to grab yourself one) and a shoe brush (but you can use a clean toothbrush if you don't have a shoe brush). Watch now and see how easy it is!


As ever if you have any questions we're always here to help, so get in touch via email or social :)

Happy cleaning!

Rachel x



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