How to prepare your wedding shoes

Rachel Simpson

Posted on January 23 2021

How to prepare your wedding shoes


People sometimes ask whether you need to do anything to prepare your wedding shoes before the big day. In terms of comfort, your shoes should be ready to go from the moment you get them out the box, but there are a few things you can do to prepare your shoes with regard to protecting them and making sure you get the best out of them. Read on...


Okay so let's start with the big one- comfort. Your wedding shoes should be comfortable from the first moment you try them on. They might be a little snug in the width- and that's okay- but you shouldn't need to wear them in as many people believe. If you're having to 'practice walking' a lot in your shoes, just be sure they're actually the right shoes for you!


So there's a difference between comfort and confidence. Whilst you shouldn't need to wear your wedding shoes in to make them more comfortable, you might want to have a little walk in them if you're worried about feeling confident. Maybe you've gone for a slight heel when you usually live in flats, or maybe the heel is a little slimmer than your usual block heeled boots. In these situations you might want to have a practice just to put your mind at rest and get to know how your wedding shoes feel, and that's okay.

TOP TIP- if you want to protect the soles of your shoes when you try them on, slip a pair of thin socks over the shoe when it's on your foot before walking in them. Just be careful not to slip on non-carpeted floors!

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You'll often hear us going on about shoe care here at RS, because we believe that beautiful shoes are worth looking after. Taking a bit of time to protect your wedding shoes before you wear them will make them stay looking as good as new a lot longer, trust us!

Depending on whether your shoes are leather, suede or fabric, use a suitable protector spray or creme- click here to check out our blog for more information.

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Box Fresh

We recommend storing your shoes in their box and out of direct sunlight both before and after the wedding. Storing them in a cool, dry place will ensure that colours don't fade and they're not affected by damp over time.To that end, if they do get wet on the big day, make sure they are fully dry before putting them back in their box. 

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Lastly don't forget to enjoy your wedding shoes! It's perfectly acceptable (and indeed encouraged) to get them out of the box every now and then just to look at them and get excited- you're getting married!

Click here to browse the collection if you've not yet chosen your wedding shoes- we've got plenty! ;) 

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