Inside the Factory- Making Mimosa

Katie Chivers

Posted on March 14 2019

Inside the Factory- Making Mimosa


Here at Rachel Simpson we are lucky to work with a small family run factory in the heart of Alicante, Spain. Every six weeks or so we hop on a plane to travel to warmer climes and meet with our factory to check production, work on new samples, fix any issues that may arise and most importantly stay connected with the incredible people who make our shoes.

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Left to right: Heather, Rachel, Pablo, Katie, Antonio

In January we travelled over for three days for a different reason- taking a film crew and photographer with us to give you a day in the life of our factory, and show you where your wedding shoes come from and how they are made. These images are of our best selling shoe Mimosa.

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Mimosa in production: Lasting on the left, stitching on the right

It was so exciting for the design team at Rachel Simpson to interview the shoemakers and the owner of the factory- Antonio. It’s really important to us to show the craftsmanship behind each pair of shoes we make, they are all hand made and each pair can take hours. Each person in the factory has a different role and are highly experienced in their unique skill.

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Pablo showing Rachel a thing or two about shoe making ;)

In our forthcoming film we explain the shoe making process, following each part of the shoe and showing you just how many components go into each pair. The factory has been running for years and many of the employees have worked there for thirty-five years or more. It takes this much experience to make such beautiful shoes, and interestingly Antonio, who owns the factory, still hand lasts all our beautiful Maria shoes which takes a lot of experience as there are so many delicate straps! 

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Maria shoes and Coco bag 

It really is fascinating to see the time and care that goes into each pair. It’s also important to see the leather selection process, because leather is a natural material, and has to be checked over before it's used for the shoe, to ensure a beautiful finish. As the shoes are hand made it means that every single pair will be very slightly different, meaning no-one else in the world will have an exact replica of your pair, which I think is such an amazing thing.

Inside the factory where handmade shoes are made for Rachel Simpson

Left to right: Juan and Pedro 

It was such a special trip for us- the factory are an extension of our Rachel Simpson team and it’s so important they are included on our journey with us. During filming Antonio even commented on his on-camera skills.. in fact he likes to think he’ll be the next Robert De Niro.. what do you reckon? ;)

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Left to right: Antonio and Pablo

Speak soon,

Katie x

Senior Designer

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