Ladies Day at The Races- How to get your Shoes Through the Day

Rachel Simpson

Posted on March 08 2019

Rachel Simpson Ladies Day shoes


As the Racing Calendar kicks off this month with Hereford and Cheltenham first off the mark, we thought we’d show you a few of our favourite looks, and give you a few tips to get your ladies day shoes through the day.

1. Check the dress code

For any ladies day, smart daywear is the order of the day and there are usually guidelines about what you wear- particularly around the style of your dress. At Ascot’s Royal Enclosure for example, dresses and skirts should be of modest length, “defined as falling just above the knee or longer.” Not all ladies’ days are this strict however, but do check before you choose your outfit!

2. Don’t be flat, be fabulous

Ladies Day is the perfect opportunity to showcase a stunning pair of heels, which is why we’re obviously big fans. Whilst in theory wearing flat shoes makes the most practical sense, a pair of heels gives far more sense of occasion, and if you follow our tips they can be just as comfortable.

3. Choose the right heel height

Following on from point 2- heels don’t have to be skyscraper high! There’s nothing less attractive than someone who can’t walk in their shoes and you can be just as elegant in a pair of modest mid or low heeled shoes. Be realistic about the heel height you’re most comfortable in, and don’t buy them if they’re too high- there are so many really pretty low heeled shoes to choose from these days there’s no reason to be in pain!

4. Protect your shoes

You know when you go to a shoe shop and they annoyingly try and sell you shoe care products? Well guess what, they’re right- good shoes are worth looking after, and if you put a little bit of work in at the beginning, you can keep them looking new for a whole lot longer. Take a few minutes to spray your shoes with a spray such as Dasco’s natural protector spray- watch our step by step video guide below:

5. Don’t get that sinking feeling

There’s a magical little product called Clean Heels which we swear by. You simply pop these clear plastic ‘toppers’ onto your heels and they do two things- firstly stop you sinking into the grass and secondly protect accident-prone thin heels from dance (or drink?!) induced damage. Click below and watch our video guide- they’re well worth the £5, trust us!

6. Try your shoes on

Don’t rock up to Aintree in a pair of shoes you only tried on when you got dressed that morning. If they’re too small you’ll spend the whole afternoon trying to find plasters, and if they’re too big you’ll look like you’ve had more than a few champagnes before it’s even lunchtime! Give yourself enough time to try your shoes on with your outfit, and exchange the size if you need to- no one needs last minute outfit panic on the big day!

7. Go bold and accessorise!

If ever there was an event made for accessories, Ladies Day is it. Aside from a wedding, when else can you wear a fabulous hat? And don’t go too small with a fascinator! In Ascot’s Royal Enclosure they’re not actually allowed- head pieces must have a minimum base diameter of 10cm- but aside from that don’t waste the opportunity to wear something truly fabulous! Take a look at this award winning showstopper from fellow Birmingham brand, Sharper Millinery for inspiration!

 Sharper Millinery Cheltenham Ladies Day Award Winning Hat

Photo: Sharper Millinery

Now what are the odds on you choosing the perfect pair of shoes after reading that? Click here to see more occasion shoes perfect for your ladies day outfit.



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