Leap into love in a brand new pair of shoes!

Rachel Simpson

Posted on February 28 2020

Leap into love in a brand new pair of shoes!


When it comes to proposing, the more traditional view is that it is the man who asks the woman. Prince Charming gets down on one knee to ask his princess to marry him. Outdated or are we still all hopeless romantics? Whichever side of the tradition fence you sit on, once every four years another tradition comes along- the leap year proposal, where women turn the tables and ask their beau to marry them.

Cinderella and Prince Charming

Will you go traditional like Prince Charming and Cinderella? Credit: Disney

So where does this tradition come from, and why do women often propose on 29th February? There are a few theories, but the main one originates in the 5th century, when Saint Bridget, an Irish nun complained to Saint Patrick the women often had to wait too long to be proposed to. Legend has it Saint Patrick suggested women could have the opportunity to pop the question once every four years and so Bachelor's Day was born, taking place each leap year.

Sandra Bulllock

Sandra Bullock pops the question to Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal (I mean, who wouldn't?) Credit: Touchstone Pictures

One of the best bits of this tradition is that apparently should the guy refuse he should pay a penalty! There are various records of what this penalty should be but it ranges from money to a new frock, a fur coat and even twelve pairs of gloves- now we're not sure this would be much consolation if you proposed to your partner and they refused you, but we're also wondering what the modern day alternative would be- £500 Selfridges voucher maybe?!

Whether you're planning to propose or not, 29th February is the perfect time to get a head start on your wedding planning by making the most of the extra day. You could grab your bridesmaids for a girly accessory shopping day, spend the day discussing ideas with your fiancé, or simply make yourself a cuppa and browse online for your new shoes. Being us, we'd go for the shoe shopping option every time of course- you don't even need to leave the house!

Today we thought we'd show you what to expect when the postman hands you your brand new pair of Rachel Simpson shoes (whether you've ordered the yourself or they've been bought as a refusal penalty ;)). You can't beat the magical feeling of unboxing your brand new wedding shoes, all ready to leap into love (see what we did there?).


Rachel shares the magical unboxing experience!

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However you spend the extra day, enjoy it.


Rachel x

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