Looking for flat wedding shoes? We've got you covered

Rachel Simpson

Posted on December 05 2020

Looking for flat wedding shoes? We've got you covered


Flat wedding shoes are the perfect choice for so many reasons. Firstly if you're not used to wearing heels, there's no reason you should just because you're a bride. It's important to be yourself, so if you never wear heels, don't suddenly wear a pair just for your wedding day! If you feel most confident in flat shoes and always wear them, it seems logical to wear flat wedding shoes. The main thing is just to be totally you, and totally comfortable.

Secondly if you're taller than your partner (or there's not much in it), some people prefer to stick with a flat wedding shoe or low heel. Your partner is marrying you though, for being you. So don't get hung up on the height difference just because it's your wedding day- again, it's completely up to how you feel (there's a running theme here!). If you do decide that you don't want to accentuate any height difference, then flat wedding shoes are a great option.

There's a common misconception that flat shoes are somehow less elegant than heels. Here at Rachel Simpson we think they can be just as elegant, it's all down to how they're designed. We spent a long time designing our range of flat wedding shoes to make sure they were just as beautiful, just as unique and just as Rachel Simpson as the rest of our collection...

...and we're rather pleased with the results!

Click here to say hello to our fabulous flats which include peep toes, closed toes, t-bars, colours and of course a little bit of glitter!

Fern peep-toes with mixed metallic detail

Rachel Simpson Fern flat wedding shoes

Eden t-bars in pearlised ivory and gold leather

Rachel Simpson Eden flat wedding shoes

Luna metallic gold sandals with rose gold detail

Rachel Simpson Luna flat gold wedding shoes

Willow mint green art deco inspired flats

Rachel Simpson Willow mint green flat wedding shoes

Amber blush pink closed toe flats

Rachel Simpson Amber blush pink flat wedding shoes

Autumn ballet flats in pearlised ivory leather

Rachel Simpson Autumn ivory flat wedding shoes

Sapphire glitter flats with asymmetric detail

Rachel Simpson Sapphire glitter flat wedding shoes

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