Love it, wear it, wear it again...

Rachel Simpson

Posted on February 20 2019

Love it, wear it, wear it again...


You may have seen yesterday’s news story of MPs calling for clothing brands and retailers to pay a penny on every garment they sell to fund a £35m annual recycling scheme. According to the BBC, the fashion industry is estimated to produce as many greenhouse gases as all the planes flying in the world, but when was the last time you considered your carbon footprint when you were clicking buy online?

Sustainable fashion is not a new story. H&M for one has been offering a garment recycling service across all its stores since 2013. Customer can simply hand in a bag of unwanted clothing at the till to receive £5/€5 off their next purchase. M&S partnered with Oxfam to give their customers a similar offer, and back in 2016 Levi’s launched an initiative giving customers a 10% discount when they handed in used clothing in store.

Rewear, reuse, recycle.

There is of course another solution- buy better, buy less. It’s simple maths that if you buy something you’re going to wear twice as much, you’ll end up buying half the amount. The 30 Wears Challenge was popularised by environmental campaigner and Creative Director of sustainability consultancy Eco-Age, Livia Firth, and encourage consumers to only buy something they knew they would wear at least 30 times, 

Here at Rachel Simpson we’re really pleased everyone’s talking about sustainability- it’s something we’ve always held at the centre of our ethos. Having spent several years designing for a number of high street brands, the rise of fast fashion was one of the catalysts that lead Rachel to start the business back in 2008. She believed that beautiful design was paramount, and that you should really love the shoes you wear- not just when you buy them, but for years to come.

She started by hand making shoes herself, using traditional techniques which ensured that shoes fit properly, would last and indeed even get better with age. Designs are on trend but timeless, so you won’t throw them away as soon as next season’s trends appear. As Yves St Laurent famously said, “fashions fade, style is eternal”. We work really hard on each and every design to create something unique which our customers will love for years.

Nowadays all our shoes are made in a small family factory in Alicante, Spain, using the same traditional techniques. Most of our shoes are now exported into Europe, so we’re currently setting up a fulfilment operation in Spain to cut down our carbon footprint even further. We’ll be launching an amazing new film very soon, showing you inside the factory so watch this space. In the meantime click here to check out our Instagram for the latest #bts

Rachel Simpson Mimosa in production

Rachel Simpson shoes in production

Rachel Simpson Gabriella shoes

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