Love your shoes? Show them you care with our new shoe care kits

Rachel Simpson

Posted on November 08 2020

Love your shoes? Show them you care with our new shoe care kits


Here at Rachel Simpson we strongly believe that beautiful shoes are worth looking after. A small amount of time spent protecting your shoes before you wear them pays off in the long run, making it much easier to keep your shoes looking as good as new. 

It's also worth protecting them whilst you wear them (if you can, although your prority is having an amazing day of course, not worrying about your shoes!). Lastly despite what you might think, cleaning your wedding shoes after the big day is super easy when you know how, and again well worth the short time it takes to bring them back to (almost) as new!

So how do you protect and clean your wedding shoes? Google it and there are hundreds of tips and products out there so it can be a little confusing knowing where to start. Worry not- let us introduce you to our brand new Love Your Shoes shoe care kits!

Rachel Simpson shoe care kits

There are two kits- one for leather and one for suede- and each one contains everything you need to protect your shoes before and during the wedding, as well as to clean them afterwards. Each kit contains four products as follows:

- NATURAL PROTECTOR SPRAY- use this before you wear your shoes to protect them from unwanted marks and damage;

- CLEAN HEELS- pop these on when you wear your shoes and these little wonders will protect the heels of your shoes from damage and dirt;

- METALLIC GEL- use this both before and after wear to protect and nourish the metallic details on your shoes;

- SUEDE BLOCK (suede kit only)- this magical cleaning block will get rid of an incredible amount of marks surprisingly easily (just let them dry first);

- LEATHER CONDITIONER (leather kit only)- use this nourishing cream to both protect and nourish your leather shoes, before and after the big day.

- RACHEL SIMPSON COTTON BAG- handy for storing your shoe care kit both at home and on the move

Each kit is only £19.95, a saving of up to £3.95 on buying them separately, and come in a gorgeous grey presentation box should you want to gift them to a bride-to be.

Click here to shop the Love Your Shoes brand new kits- trust us, your shoes will thank you. 

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