Make your day extra special with sparkly wedding shoes

Rachel Simpson

Posted on August 08 2020

Make your day extra special with sparkly wedding shoes


If you're looking for those once in a lifetime shoes for the big day, choosing a pair of sparkly heels might be the answer. There is something incredibly special about sparkly bridal shoes- the way they peep out from underneath your wedding dress and catch the light when you walk really is stunning.

Sparkly shoes make a statement without being too obvious or in your face. During the ceremony the effect is understated, as the daylight softly picks up the glitter, but at night is when sparkly shoes really come to life, reflecting the light on the dance floor to create a more dramatic effect. Our sparkly shoes are made in the most stunning glitter which is multi-faceted and reflects the maximum amount of light. 

Rachel Simpson Mimosa quartz sparkly wedding shoes

Mimosa in Quartz Glitter

Mimosa has been in the Rachel Simpson collection for many years now and in various beautiful colours. It was only a couple of years ago however that we introduced Mimosa Quartz- our first glitter version and soon to be favourite. 

The quartz glitter is one of those colours which is difficult to describe and really has to be seen to fully appreciate how beautiful it is. It's a mix between rose gold and blush, and combined with the metallic gold leather it gives the shoe a truly luxurious feel. 

We've seen it styled with a wide variety of wedding dresses and Mimosa Quartz's versatility is just one more reason we love her! Whether you've got a fitted, slinky dress, a full tulle skirt or a traditional A-line gown, adding a bit of sparkle through your shoes is the perfect finishing touch to any bridal look.

Sitting on a perfectly pitched eight and a half centimetre (just over three inch) heel, Mimosa is the classic heel height for a wedding shoe- just high enough to give you that lift without feeling uncomfortable after several hours of wear. Simply divine!

Rachel Simpson Isadora quartz sparkly low heel wedding shoes

Isadora in Quartz Glitter

That said if you want the same statement effect which only a sparkly shoe can give but don't want too much of a heel, let us introduce Isadora in Quartz Glitter. Joining the collection only last year, Isadora Quartz has swiftly become a new firm favourite of the RS family and we can totally understand why.

Made from the same glitter as Mimosa Quartz, Isadora Quartz sits somewhere between rose gold, blush and gold depending on the light and angle which gives the shoe a stunning, multi-faceted look. The high quality glitter reflects the light beautifully as you move and creates a truly dazzling look.

It's not that often a shoe manages to be both vintage inspired and bang on trend at the same time, but Isadora manages perfectly. The Art Deco inspired motifs on the front of the shoe encase the foot, and the metallic gold leather contrasts beautifully with the rose gold quartz glitter peeping through.

Isadora sits on a slightly lower six centimetre heel, which is just slightly over two inches. It's the perfect heel for brides who want a little bit of height but aren't used to wearing much of a heel, and is extremely comfortable and effortless to wear. The ankle strap gives you that little bit more support as well as looking super cute too!

Rachel Simpson sparkly wedding shoes and matching bag Isadora Quartz bag

The Quartz Clutch

Completing the quartz glitter family is the statement Quartz clutch. Made in the same super sparkling quartz glitter, it has a hard box structure and shiny metal frame with a matching metallic gold shoulder chain. 

The Quartz clutch is surprisingly roomy inside, where there is plenty of space to hold a phone, some make up, keys and the other essentials you need for a day to night occasion. The bag closes with a satisfyingly firm 'click' so you know everything is safe, no matter how many moves you throw on that dance floor!

And finally...

A little birdy told us there may be more glitter coming to the RS family later in the year. So if you've not already, make sure you click here to sign up to our VIP list so you're the first to know. But you didn't hear it from me... ;)


Rachel x


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