Matching Shoes and Handbags are back!

Rachel Simpson

Posted on June 14 2020

Matching Shoes and Handbags are back!


A few years ago there seemed to be a slight move away from the idea of matching shoes and bags. It was seen by some as slight passe or old fashioned for some reason, and those people preferred to go for complimentary shoes and bags as opposed to full on matchy matchy. So if your shoes has gold detailing, you'd maybe pick this up with a full gold handbag, or maybe go for something different entirely.

Here at Rachel Simpson we're not afraid of being a little bit old fashioned- we built a brand on being a little bit vintage after all! We've always loved a matching shoe and bag combo and have stuck resolutely to this throughout the collection. So we're very happy that the trend seems to be back and people are wearing their matching accessories with glee!

Obviously we are fundamentally a shoe brand, and actually it wasn't until a few years after we launched that we tentatively introduced handbags. We started with a few simple styles as a bit of a test, but soon realised the demand and sourced our fantastic factory in Spain where we were able to create more unique designs to perfectly match our collection. We still work with the same factory today. They make handbags for a number of well known luxury brands, so it's a real privilege to see our Rachel Simpson handbags going around the production line alongside!

All our shoes and bags are designed by myself and my wonderful designer Heather, so we create something truly unique rather than just buying in bags which someone else has designed. This means they have the distinctive Rachel Simpson signature look and also that our bags and shoes match each other perfectly. Usually our bags are designed to match a couple of shoe styles which allows you to mix and match your look.

We've put together some combinations of our matching shoes and handbags below- just add outfit!

MIXED METALLICS Rachel Simpson matching shoes and bags


Rachel Simpson matching blue shoes and bags


Rachel Simpson rose gold matching shoes and bags


Rachel Simpson matching mint shoes and bags

Check out the full handbag collection here, and let me know what your favourite matching shoe and bag combination are! 


Rachel x


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