Me & My Work Space- Vanilla Rose Weddings & Events

Rachel Simpson

Posted on April 29 2020

Me & My Work Space- Vanilla Rose Weddings & Events
1. Give us a brief description of your business
Hi! I’m Jeni, of Vanilla Rose Weddings. I’m an Oxfordshire based Wedding Planner known for bringing the irresistible beauty of English gardens and rolling countryside to wedding celebrations across the UK that are less overwhelm, more joy.


2. How long have you worked for yourself?

Since mid 2012, so just coming up to 8 years, which seems crazy!

Vanilla Rose Weddings & Events shelving inspo

 3. Tell us about your work space

It’s feminine with styled shelves and pretty accessories! However, I share an office with my husband, so although we have our own space, I sometimes prefer to take my work to a coffee shop for a change of scenery!

Vanilla Rose Weddings & Events desk flat lay

4. Describe your typical working day

If I’m working at home, I start the day with a cup of tea and my Planner to create my To Do list for the day. I prioritise my tasks and then block schedule my time, as it’s the only way for me to ensure I have a productive day. I usually work on client wedding admin in the morning; this could include finalising schedules and logistics for an upcoming wedding day, putting together a brief to gather floristry quotes for a marquee wedding, or sourcing a band for an evening reception.

I always make sure I take a break for lunch and try to get outside for a walk in our village if the weather is nice, before going back to my desk for the afternoon. I’ll work a little more on client weddings before tackling the admin tasks on my list. These might be sending invoices, writing a blog post, or scheduling social media posts. On days when I’m not working from the office, I might be out on the road visiting suppliers, having client meetings, or viewing potential venues for a couple.

Vanilla Rose Weddings and Events cocktail planning

 5. What are the top three things you need to make your space your own?

My Lifestyled Planner, My Vision Board (to keep me inspired and always focused on what I want to achieve), and a secret supply of luxury chocolate!

 6. Top tip/s for working from home?

  • Try and keep distractions to a minimum and work in an area of your home that is specifically just for working, if you can. It allows me to shut it off when I’m not working, so I don’t think too much about it when I’m spending time with my family!
  • Set aside time during the day for household tasks, if there’s something that needs to be done – half an hour for hanging the washing out, or putting the shopping delivery away – it will stop you from thinking about it in the back of your mind if it’s scheduled in.
  • Ensure you take a break, and don’t eat lunch at your desk!

Vanilla Rose Weddings and Events Oxfordshire

 7. Any positive changes which have come about since the lock down?

I have just loved seeing how a community truly comes together in a crisis; I think we’ll all come out of this stronger, much kinder, and will take less for granted.

 8. What would you do with an extra free day?

As a working mum, my spare time is often spent looking after my children, so I’d allow myself time for me; perhaps a yoga class followed by a spa day and some delicious cocktails!

Quick fire:

  • Tea or coffee? Tea, always!
  • Cake or biscuits? Cake – specifically chocolate or banana!
  • Music or quiet? Music – I always have it playing it the background or throughout the house
  • Mac or PC? Mac
  • Early bird or night owl? I wish I was an early bird, but that would be a lie!
  • Book or podcast? Podcast

I don't know about you but I want to go and re-do my entire house after seeing Jeni's stunning photos! Thanks so much for sharing your work space and working day with us. If you're looking for a luxury wedding planner I can highly recommend Jeni- click here to check out her website for even more inspiration!


Rachel x


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