Meet Mimosa – The making of a classic

Branwen Cook

Posted on February 20 2018

Rachel Simpson Mimosa

Here at Rachel Simpson we always like to bring you something new, but there’s a lot to be said for the old faithfuls. When I designed Mimosa back in 2012 I had a gut feeling it would be a popular style, but no idea of the massive impact it would have both on our business and on the bridal shoe market generally. As a designer you sometimes get a good feeling when there’s an idea brewing in your imagination. It took me a while to draw Mimosa- for example working out how the petals would fit on the foot, how the outlines would work, how the centre piece would pass through the teardrop. You know there’s an amazing product in your head, and the challenge is making it work on paper and then as an actual shoe. I had this image of teardrop shapes wrapping over the foot, and love the way they interlock being different sizes. It took a while to draw and then of course went across to our pattern cutter who looked in horror at this intricate design! We got there in the end though, and Mimosa was officially launched in May 2012.

Mimosa Mint

The original colours were ivory with silver, and mint and peach with gold. The ivory and mint still run today and are our two best selling lines! Since then we’ve done powder blue (current collection), primrose yellow (limited edition), nude with rose gold (current collection), lavender (limited edition) and even gold leather with gold glitter (exclusive for one of our stockists)! It seems no matter which colour we launch in, people just love Mimosa!

Which brings us nicely to our latest addition to the Mimosa family…

Mimosa Gold Glitter Wedding Shoes

As if the Mimosa family couldn’t get any better, 2018 sees the launch of the first ever sparkling edition of this iconic Rachel Simpson shoe. Crafted in subtle yet stunning rose quartz glitter with soft champagne leather detailing, the shoe has a truly unique look. The glitter gives the shoe a subtle pink hue to it, without being obviously pink- more a warm neutral colour. The champagne is a little more gold than silver, but weirdly does take on a more silver tone in different lights, so is wonderfully versatile to suit most looks.

Mimosa Quartz strikes the perfect balance between statement shoe and understated classic. Promising the same unrivalled comfort, universal fit and versatile wearability of the one and only Rachel Simpson Mimosa, we could very well have a new shoe crush…

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