Meet the Rachel Simpson classics- Mimosa, Isla and Gardenia II

Rachel Simpson

Posted on May 18 2020

Meet the Rachel Simpson classics- Mimosa, Isla and Gardenia II

So today I thought I'd give you a little tour of some of the shoes which have become the Rachel Simpson classics- shoes which have been in the collection a while and are pretty well loved. These tend to be the ones people will recognise most as a Rachel Simpson shoe too!

Whilst we like to bring new styles to the collection throughout the year, we never want to discontinue anything which is popular and this can be really challenging! Because we hold stock we have to discontinue some styles in order to make way for news ones (otherwise our warehouse would just get bigger and bigger), but it gets harder and harder each year as we love all the shoes we produce!

That said there are some styles which have naturally become our core collection, having been in the range for several years with no sign of slowing. We call these the RS Classics, so let's take a look at each one and why we love them...

Rachel Simpson Mimosa nude/ rose gold wedding shoes


Without doubt our most well known style and the shoe which most people first think of when they think of us, meet Mimosa. I first designed Mimosa in 2013 and as soon as I'd drawn it I knew it would be a bestseller. People sometimes ask how I know and in all honesty it's just a gut feeling I get, believe it or not. There was no specific inspiration behind the design, it just came out of my head but there is obviously some likeness to petals or leaves which gives the shoe a naturally 'pretty' look which I think appeals to people.

But it's not just the way Mimosa looks which has made it so popular for the past seven years. Making perfect wedding shoes is much more difficult than that! What really sets Mimosa (and we like to think, all our shoes!) apart is it's super comfort and amazing fit. We spend a lot of time perfecting the cut of every single shoe we create and Mimosa is no exception. It's all about where the shoe sits on the foot and how it supports you and a t-bar is just about perfect for that. 

Now available in six different colours- mint, blue, nude/ rose gold, ivory, forest green and the amazing quartz glitter- Mimosa is here to stay.

Rachel Simpson Isla mint wedding shoes low heel


Originally designed as a low heeled sister to Mimosa, Isla has now become a Rachel Simpson classic in her own right. With a similar t-bar design and a very similar theme, Isla is actually quite a bit different to Mimosa if you look closely. What makes her such a supremely pretty shoe are the teardrop shaped appliqued petals or leaves on the front of the shoe, each one stitched individually with delicate stitching.

Whereas each colour way of Mimosa has either gold or silver trim, the wonderful thing about Isla is that she incorporates both, giving a gorgeous mixed-metallic look. That not only looks super pretty but also means Isla is a really versatile wedding shoe as it matches most accessories perfectly!

I sound like a broken record but as you know, I always say that when it comes to your wedding shoes comfort comes first! So another reason Isla has become a firm favourite is perhaps her elegant but low 6cm heel. 

A couple of years after launching the ivory version, we added the gorgeous mint green and both continue to be extreme popular shoes in the collection.  

Rachel Simpson Gardenia pale blue wedding shoes low heel


Completing the Mimosa family is the wonderfully vintage, timelessly elegant Gardenia II. If you're wondering why the 'II' in the name, it's because I originally designed Gardenia with a little button rather than a buckle, which ran for a couple of years. However whilst this gave the shoe a really authentic vintage look, it makes the strap a lot less versatile, and a lot of people found that it was too big around the ankle so we changed it to a buckle and haven't looked back!

The shape of Gardenia II was taken from an original 1920s shoe, and it's quite an unusual toe shape which is somewhere between a point and an almond toe. the front is decorated with our signature petal design, with delicate metallic leather outlining each appliqued piece. 

The back of the shoe is just as elegant as the front, with elegant teardrop shaped cut ours peeking out from underneath the strap. I always like to add some detail to the back of a shoe, as I think it's like a surprise added extra to show off! 

Once again comfort is crucial, and Gardenia has one of the more sturdy heels of the collection whilst still looking beautifully elegant. Currently available in ivory and blue, we do sometimes toy with the idea of bringing in a new colour- what do you think?

Click here to see the full range of classic RS.


Rachel x


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