Our guide to the best shoes for Ascot and the races

Rachel Simpson

Posted on June 11 2022

Our guide to the best shoes for Ascot and the races


With Royal Ascot just around the corner and racing season well and truly underway, let's talk about what are the best shoes for ladies day (or indeed, any other day at the races!). As well as looking rather splendid (of course!), there are several other factors to take into consideration when choosing the best shoes for a day at the races.

Here is our handy guide to choosing the best shoes for Ascot....

1. Choose shoes which you'll be comfortable in all day

We know, we know, comfort isn't the most sexy of adjectives when you think about dream shoes...but then falling over/ hobbling and wearing plasters on your heels aren't all that sexy either. We've said it before and we'll say it again- if you're going to be in your shoes all day (and possibly all night too) make sure they are totally and utterly comfortable. 

Comfort doesn't have to mean flat ballet shoes either, it means a heel height which you are comfortable with. So if you never wear heels, don't expect to last a day at the races in a pair of five inch skyscraper heels. Similarly if you don't feel dressed up in low heels and love a bit of height, go for what you know you'll be okay in. It's worth looking out for leather linings whatever the heel height, as the natural properties of leather make it breathable and thus avoid sweaty feet!

Ascot outfit with gold shoes

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2. Don't forget you can still wear heels on grass

Whilst obviously wedge heels and flats are super practical on grass, don't fall into the trap of thinking these are your only options. Lucky for all heel wearers out there, someone invented a small but mighty accessory called Clean Heels. But what are Clean Heels we hear you ask?

Simple- Clean Heels are small transparent heel protectors which fit easily onto slim heels to stop them sinking into grass. The base of the Clean Heels is approximately the size of a two pence piece, which increases the surface area of the heels so not only does it stop you sinking, it also protects your heels from muddy marks! (And whilst they're not the prettiest of things, they're pretty invisible when you're wearing them on grass, and afterwards are easily removed and popped into your handbag!).

Block heels are also a great choice for wearing on grass, as they naturally have a slightly large surface area than a more classic stiletto heel.

Ascot outfit with mint shoes and handbag

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3. Choose a pair of shoes which compliment your outfit but are versatile enough to wear again

It's obviously vital that your shoes go with your fabulous ladies day outfit, but if you're going to go for a good quality pair of heels it's a good idea to choose a style and colour which you know you'll wear again (and therefore get a better cost-per-wear!). There are plenty of options for this.

Metallic shoes are a great choice because they go with pretty much anything; neutral colours such as nude and blush are also incredibly versatile. However versatility doesn't mean you can't go for a bit of colour. If you want to wear a colourful pair of shoes, you could go for a pastel shade which is subtle enough to go with a wide range of outfits. Alternatively if you do want something a little bolder take a look at your wardrobe before you start shoe shopping and decide what your staple colours are, that way you know you'll be able to wear them again.

Ascot outfit with navy block heel shoes and handbag

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4. Go for a matching bag for the winning look

If ever there was an occasion matching shoes and bags were quite simply made for, ladies day would be it. Here at RS we love a matching shoe and bag combo and what better place to really go for it? Remember you can easily wear them separately for future occasions as statement pieces in themselves, if the match match thing isn't your every day style.

Ascot outfit with blush shoes and matching handbag

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