Party Shoes Save The Day

Branwen Cook

Posted on December 04 2017

Party Shoes Save The Day

With Christmas just around the corner (I know), it’s about this time we start to realise that pretty soon (checks diary, resembles panic face emoji), we’ll be expected to attend various festive gatherings looking like we just spent two hours at the MAC counter, all false lashes and glow. Taking off our 60 denier as we crawl under the covers, we recoil in horror at our poor, chipped toe nails and lack lustre skin- (getting out the hot shower is challenge enough, you expect me to prolong the cold and moisturise too?), and vow to ‘have a pamper’ before the office party/ family gathering/ meeting old school friends back home (delete as appropriate).

Now if we were a beauty blog, we’d spend the next fifteen minutes giving you tips about having a Proper Skincare Regime; about the UK’s most popular highlighter and how to contour within an inch of your cheek boned life. But we’re not, we’re shoe designers. And as every Cinderella knows, the right pair of shoes really can change your life* (*disclaimer- may not actually change your life but will make you feel a helluva lot more sociable at parties). So here’s our five best (and very realistic) tips to party prep this festive season…

1. Go for sparkle
There’s a reason the aforementioned Cinderella’s shoes were made from glass, and Dorothy went for red glitter- they sparkle! When you’re feeling less so, what better way to fake it than donning some in its clothing or accessory form to fool everyone into thinking it’s you? We’re particularly in love with this!
Well a girl’s gotta dream right..?

2. Keep it simple
Look back at those unforgettable, best night ever events, and nine times out of ten you were probably wearing something you felt really comfortable in. And we don’t mean granny-knicker, no-one’s-going-to-see-me-but-the-cat type comfortable, but I bet those were the nights you were wearing an old faithful, or a new purchase which was just, well, right. Don’t overdue it- if you’ve got a sparkly dress, stick to block colour shoes, or go chic in your fave little black dress and make it pop with some glitter heels.

3. Be yourself
The annoying thing about clichés is that most of them are true. Just because Glamour says playsuits are hot (note to reader- if you are taller than average, chances are they are not. Nobody likes bum fall out, trust me), doesn’t mean they’re for you. Chances are you pretty much know what suits you, so when things are stressful enough stick to what works.

4. Fake tan and a bright lip
Other articles might recommend ‘getting some sleep’, here, or ‘giving yourself time’. HA (picks self off floor- it’s a lovely sentiment). We say when all else fails, life just seems that little bit better with a tan. And we’re not talking, have-a-wash/ protect-your-bedsheets orange here- there are some lovely gradual tanners which are low effort but effective. And if even that’s too much like hard work, pop on a bright lipstick or gloss and you’ll instantly look brighter! A few of our faves are Lady Bug by Mac, Bobbi Brown’s Uber Rose and Hot Emily, by Charlotte Tilbury.

5. Let your shoes do the rest
Marilyn Monroe once said ‘give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world’. Now we’re not going to make that bold a claim, but we’re pretty sure having a good pair of shoes can certainly help conquer the festive season. We’re a little bit in love with green shoes this season- choose velvet for a really seasonal feel. Red shoes are a classic, and look great with an all black ensemble. Glitter is something we never grow out of, and we challenge you not to have a good time in a pair of sparkly shoes (see tip number one). And lastly- do choose comfortable shoes- there is no excuse for bare feet on the dancefloor, take heed.

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