Pretty in pink- why we love blush pink wedding shoes

Rachel Simpson

Posted on May 17 2022

Pretty in pink- why we love blush pink wedding shoes



In recent years blush pink wedding shoes have become increasingly popular and we can see why. There are so many reasons these wonderfully soft colour works so well for brides and here at RS we are big fans- huge. So here are our top three reasons why we love a blush pink wedding shoe...

1. Blush wedding shoes are versatile...

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons we love blush pink wedding shoes is that the colour is just so versatile. It's more colourful than a traditional ivory shoe, but not so much that it dominates or makes too much of a statement. A soft pink wedding shoe will just peep out from underneath your dress in a subtle, demure kind of way rather than screaming 'look at me'. So it's colourful enough to be different, but subtle enough to stay classic- the perfect combination?

Shade of soft blush and powder pink also work really well as a neutral colour, so you'll have no problem wearing your blush wedding shoes again. Just like a metallic shoe you'll be surprised at just how many outfits you can wear them with!

Rachel Simpson Amber flat pink wedding shoes

2. Blush wedding shoes are romantic...

Second only to red (which may have bolder connotations), pink is arguably the colour which most represents love and romance. It's soft, it's feminine, it's the colour of fairy tales and princesses, making it a natural choice for wedding shoes. Whilst stronger shades of pink like fushcia and raspberry might make a statement, soft powder pink has an unrivalled elegance to it which is perfect for a bridal look. 

The laid back shade of blush pink matches a wide range of wedding dresses and suits most wedding looks. So whether you're a classic, boho or princess bride, wearing vintage lace, tulle or satin blush pink wedding shoes are most certainly worth considering! 

Rachel Simpson Rosita powder pink wedding shoes

3. Blush wedding shoes are flattering...

Soft shades of blush and powder pink are incredibly flattering on the foot and suit pretty much all skin tones. They bring a warmth to your look and whilst we're particular fans of a blush and gold combination, pink works just as well with silver accessories too.

Rachel Simpson Aurelia pink wedding shoes

Now the only difficulty is choosing which style to go for- click here to shop the full collection of blush pink wedding shoes.


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