Real Brides- Anita and Krystian's marriage back home in Sandomierz, WePoland

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Posted on April 08 2019

Real Brides- Anita and Krystian's marriage back home in Sandomierz, WePoland

Anita and Krystian, Rachel Simpson Real Bride Stories

We are sent lovely stories and photos of customers’ experiences with our Rachel Simpson shoes and accessories, and here in our Real Brides’ series we invite a bride to share the journey of their big day and saying yes in RS!

Anita ~sayyesinRS

Tell us a little bit about you as a couple?

 My name’s Anita I am 30 years old and Krystian is 29. We live in Norway now, we both come from Sandomierz- Poland - it is a beautiful, historical city in the south-east of Poland. Our parents have been friends and known each other since before we were children. We were completely different people in our youth- while I was one of the best students in a class (spending every weekend reading books), Krystian was a party-boy. For prom I needed to have someone to go with me, so I phoned Krystian… and then the love story began for the next 11 years and 5 months… and now for the marriage journey!

Real Bride series story by Anita, marriage to Krystian

Tell us about the wedding?

We love travelling. We have been to New York, Japan, Indonesia and a few more places in a Europe. I was dreaming about having our wedding at the beach or in a garden- just the two of us on a tropical island... until I lost my grandma. The plans changed as I realised that we need to hurry up (after 8 years) and that the wedding must be in our home town in Poland! It was important to come home from Norway to have our big day in the place that is ours, and that we both came from. 
The date was also important for me (I love numbers!). We have been a couple since 14/02 and wedding day was 14/07. What is more, five days before the wedding I turned 30. We had invited plenty of guests from Norway and other parts of Poland and needed to find a venue in a town to all get together in one hotel. So it took place in MAŁY RZYM HOTEL.

MAŁY RZYM HOTEL polandAnita and Krystians wedding day in RS shoesMAŁY RZYM HOTEL Anita and Krystian Rachel Simpson Real Brides

Tell us about the best wedding moment, something that will be unforgettable to you.

The best wedding moment for me was when we turned around to leave the church and saw so many people together. They were there just for us, to celebrate the big day with us. It was amazing- friends from different periods of life, close family and friends who we hadn’t see for ages (thanks to Facebook- we know what they look like!). Old and young, all of them together- just for us

Seeing friends and family

What is your top tip for wedding planning, what brought everything together?

 I am not sure I know a top tip of wedding planning. Maybe don’t leave all things for later, do it right now! Even if it takes so much time up to your big day. You will find that suddenly, before the wedding there will be a lot unplanned things to do. So do as much as you can- as early as you can. Life always surprises you with something extra.

Delightful foot at Anita and Krystians wedding

Tell us all all about your gorgeous dress?

My wedding gown plan was: white, long-sleeve dress, no glitter! But… In my dream-dress I didn’t look ok.  I must have tried over 100 wedding gowns and spent hundreds of hours searching online- two days visiting more than ten boutiques and salons in big cities. Then I found Anna Kara in Kraków. I tried on about ten wedding gowns there. The last one did not seem special on the hanger, and I had seven minutes left of my appointment. I looked into the mirror when I tried it on- and said  “this is it” and suddenly started to cry like a child! My emotional reaction was strange for me and I checked both my feet were on the ground! I love so much all the little dots, the crossing straps, the lace detail and the flowing length- I couldn’t decide which style to call it- boho/ sexy/ elegant? For me it is a perfect mixture of them all.

I am sure that I didn’t find perfect wedding gown- the perfect wedding gown found me

Gown by Anna Kara in Kraków for Anita's wedding day

Which of our Rachel Simpson shoes did you choose for your wedding day?

I tried few pairs to find my ideal shoes. I am not really a high heel girl, and wanted to feel comfortable on the big day. I chose AMALIA PINK, and they did not feel high. I like also a lot GIGI in gold and OLIVIA in Mauve - which I bought after wedding just because I like them!

Anitas own accessories with Amalia Powder pink Shoes

If you would like to take part in our Real Bride series like Anita, please get in touch with us at We love to see your wedding day outfit complete with our shoes and love to hear you were dancing long into the night in them!


Anita has become a fan of our products and has also treated herself to a pair of Olivia in Mauve and Gigi metallic styles too! Why not treat your feet and see for yourself what makes our shoes so special?

Anita and Krystian beginning their marriage journey, #sayyesinRS

Photography by Krzysztof Skóra of Happy Moments Studio Poland.

Kristyan and Anita

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