Real bride- Clara & Klaus's Hometown Wedding

Heather Mills

Posted on August 25 2021

Real bride- Clara


We're thrilled to share with you Clara and Klaus's beautiful wedding. Enjoy! 

Tell us a little bit about you as a couple

My husband and I met in Geneva, Switzerland during our Master’s studies. It was love at first sight (we saw each other for the first time at mass) but it took us a few years to realise it! A shared passion for swing dancing brought us closer together and made us realise we wanted to spend the rest of our lives dancing together. Getting married was then a matter of course.

My husband is German, I am Swiss and Polish. Our heritage is deeply European, and our families were all marked by wars, migration and vulnerability, and a common history that also brings us and our parents closer. We currently live in Munich, Germany.   

Tell us about the wedding- theme, location, colours etc.

We married in my hometown, a lovely city that overlooks a beautiful lake in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The wedding mass was in my parish and we then celebrated in a vineyard by the lake, in what used to be a beautiful Carthusian convent. We were surrounded by nature and were lucky to have wonderful sunny weather, in the middle of a rainy and cold week.


We actually developed the colours of the wedding based on my fabulous RS shoes! I fell in love with the Powder Blue Mimosa so our theme had to reflect that! A dear friend of mine designed the invitation and combined some light blue elements with warmer pink and apricot tones. Our wonderful flower artist then magnified this ensemble with local and seasonal flowers in the same tones. It was fabulous. 

Who was your wedding dress by? 

My wedding dress was designed and made by a local artist from my hometown. I wanted a shorter dress (tea-length), with a 50s look and a modern twist at the same time. It was a tribute to my late grandmother’s wedding dress but also a choice reflecting our love for swing dancing - visually and also practically, of course I wanted a dress in which I could dance the night away. The fabric chosen for the dress also reflects these various elements - modern, unique and classic at the same time. It also matches the flower pattern on my Gardenia shoes!

Which Rachel Simpson shoes did you pick and why?

The Gardenia Powder Blue! I fell in love with the colour and shape when browsing the internet, but never thought I would be able to get it… let alone in the right size. I am 178cm tall and need a size 42 for shoes, and most shoemakers stop at 40 or 41 (European sizes :) ). It was a fantastic surprise to find out that RS has shoes in 42 and even 43. The heels were also exactly the right height - perfect for the looks and silhouette but not too high either. I have to say I never thought they would be so comfortable and look so fantastic at the same time, can’t wait to wear them again!

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Tell us about the BEST wedding moment, something that will be unforgettable to you.

There were many wonderful moments, but the speeches and other surprises our family and friends prepared for us were among the most touching because they all showed how much they love us. My best childhood friend completely surprised me with a speech I absolutely didn’t expect and touched me deeply, it was the only moment of the day I shed a tear.

What was your first dance song?

Sing, sing, sing by Benny Goodman - a classic for swing and lindy hop lovers like us. I could never resist this song and its beating rhythm, it was the perfect soundtrack to celebrate our love and happiness (and show off a little bit :) ).

We were also accompanied by Ella Fitzgerald (Solid as a Rock) and Nat King Cole (L-O-V-E) throughout the day.

What is your Top Tip for wedding planning, what brought everything together?

We got married in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic. We were lucky to have chosen a date in August 2020 - when it turned out that the situation had dramatically improved and it was possible to have a larger party with international guests.

In the months leading to the wedding though, we had no idea how things would turn out and whether any celebration would be possible… but we still decided to get married on that day no matter what, and we hung on. Getting married was more important than everything else, but that also meant that we had to let go of some expectations and accept that we could not control everything. I think that’s what helped us and made our wedding so special and precious, perhaps we valued it even more than we would have without covid.

What would your advice be for future brides?

Don’t worry and focus on your love and the person you are marrying, it’s really what matters the most and what you will remember! I also highly recommend investing in a videographer and, if there is live music during the wedding ceremony - get someone to record it! It will be a nice memory to add to the pictures.

A huge thanks to Clara and Klaus for sharing their special day with us. We wish you all the happiness in the world.

Credits below:

Fb: clara.keller.skupien

IG: Clarinette_ks

Photographer: Famian Niemczał - damien.niemczal

Videographer: Fabien Normand: fabien.normand/ 

Venue: Chartreuse de la Lance 

Flower artist: bouquet.damour 

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