Real Bride- Dimana and Nicolas's French Intimate Wedding

Heather Mills

Posted on October 13 2021

Real Bride- Dimana and Nicolas's French Intimate Wedding


On today's blog we are delighted to share Dimana and Nicolas's dream intimate wedding in Strasbourg. 

Tell us a little bit about you as a couple

Myself and Nicolas both studied a Masters in European Union Law in Strasbourg but because there was one-year difference between us we never met, even though we lived in the same city and studied in the same university. We actually met in Luxembourg at the European Court of Justice in the summer of 2013 and since then we have been inseparable!

Since 2016 we have lived in Brussels and both worked as attorneys. We got engaged in January 2018 and were supposed to get married in June 2020 but because of the Covid crisis we had to postpone the wedding until summer of 2021.

Tell us about the wedding

From the start we wanted something small and intimate, just our closest friends and family and so there were 35 guests which was perfect. We were searching for a nice venue with style and lots of flowers and indirectly Covid helped us to have our dream location as between 2020 and 2021 we had to change venue 3 times.


At the end we were able to get one of our top selections, a small house in Strasbourg with a magnificent garden and Chef – Du côté de chez Anne. We had cocktails in the beautiful garden, followed by a delicious dinner and then dancing.  

The brunch we had on the next day was more than exquisite and delicious, our guests were so impressed and happy to have this extra time to spend together.

For the theme, we wanted to combine our very different origins (our logo used in the invitations, menus and gifts was a bretzel, represents Alsace and an anchor, representing the sea). Some Bulgarian traditions were included during the course of the wedding and the day before we invited our families to eat some traditional tartes flambées in a local Alsatian restaurant and introduce them to each other.

For colours we opted for classical colours: blue, white and pale rose. Nicolas wore a blue suit which matched my blue Isadora shoes and the flowers of my bouquet and those of the flower girls (our four nieces).  

Who was your wedding dress by? 

My dress was by Elsa Gary, Paris. Choosing my dress was such a happy and exciting experience, I invited my mom and two sisters from Bulgaria and my maid of honour from Brussels to come dress shopping in Paris. I had pre-selected certain boutiques as I knew what I wanted – a clean, simple dress with a touch of lace, something classy, elegant and comfortable all at the same time. I always said whether it is my dress, make-up or hair, I wanted to recognise myself when I looked in the mirror. 

Elsa Gary’s dresses have very simple and elegant lines and they can customize their dresses which made my choice easier as I had certain ideas in mind of how to make it exactly to my taste.

Which Rachel Simpson shoes did you pick and why?

As our theme was blue, I was searching for blue suede shoes. I have to admit I spent more time looking for the perfect shoes than for my dress. To find a combination of these two requirements was not easy and the moment I saw Isadora Dusky Blue on Rachel Simpson’s website I knew that they were my shoes. They were blue, suede, with classic lines and the metallic gold detailing giving it the necessary glam. But most importantly they were, as I found out later, extremely comfortable. The 6cm heels were the perfect height and combined with the delicate ankle strap allowed me to stay with my wedding shoes dancing till the little hours without any need of change. 

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Tell us about the best wedding moment, something that will be unforgettable to you.

The best moment for me is the one I least expected – the moment when we saw each other dressed in his mother’s garden. We had spent the entire morning together and were separated for only couple of hours for our preparations (and still he was at his grand-mother’s house next door). I got very emotional when I saw his back waiting for me in the garden and I was so eager to see him that I started crying.

Another moment that I really loved was our exchange of rings as we didn’t know what was engraved on each other’s rings and we revealed it to each other during our vows at city hall.  


What was your first dance song?

We had as first dance song Fooled around and fell in love by Elvin Bishop and later another from a Bulgarian group that we both like (Az te iskam, D2).

What is your Top Tip for wedding planning, what brought everything together?

The most important thing is that both bride and groom agree on the type of wedding they want. From there everything is easier to choose and organise. Don’t be afraid to implicate the groom in the preparation, it’s his wedding too. All our decisions and preparations were made together (well maybe except for the flowers which is not my husband’s forte. ;))

We were lucky to organise our wedding where we could finance it by ourselves and do it as we wished and imagined it. The most important thing is to not forget that it is your day and not to bend to family and friends’ expectations or wishes.

What would your advice be for future brides?

Don’t stress, it will never be perfect or 100% as you have dreamed it. There will always be something that doesn’t work but that won’t matter on the day. As I mentioned we had to change venues several times because of Covid and the stress and disappointment was so overwhelming that we agreed that wedding or not we will sign and get married on our chosen date. Luck allowed the restrictions to be lifted shortly before the wedding and we were so happy and grateful that we were able to share that day with our families. The emotions and love that you receive that day is the most important thing that you have to keep in mind.

A huge thanks to Dimana and Nicolas for sharing their special day with us. What a beautiful wedding!

Credits below:

Instagram Bride: @dimani4ka

Instagram Groom: @nicohipp

Venue: Du côté de chez Anne, Strasbourg

Photographer: Spirit Capture

DJ: Dimension DJ

Dress Bride: Elsa Gary Paris

Shoes Bride: Rachel Simpson

Hair Bride: Eric Hua

Make-up Bride: Allomaya

Costume Groom: Café Costume Brussels

Bow tie Groom: Gentille Alouette

Logo Bride and Groom: Martin Grand

Little gift hearts: Poteries d’Alsace

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