Reasons to fall in love with Rachel Simpson shoes

Rachel Simpson

Posted on February 10 2022

Reasons to fall in love with Rachel Simpson shoes


When it comes to your wedding shoes we firmly believe you should fall in love with them. These aren't just any old pair of shoes, this pair will walk you down the aisle, take your first steps as a newly wed and you need to feel absolutely fabulous in them! Of course we would love for your wedding shoes to be RS, but would never presume as much without giving you good reason to choose us! So just why do we think you should fall in love with our shoes? Read on.

1. They're comfy

If we said it once we've said it a million times, it is absolutely vital that you're comfortable in your wedding shoes. You can have the most amazing dress, stunning hair and make up- but if your shoes are rubbing or don't fit you properly you won't feel amazing and ironically that affects how you look anyway! 

All our shoes are carefully designed to fit perfectly, with no naughty parts which will rub your feet. They're also all leather lined with super soft leather, which not only gives to the shape of your foot but is also breathable, so you won't get sweaty, slippy feet. RS shoes are full of little details which all add up to an amazing comfort for which we're pretty well known- your feet will thank you!

2. They're unique

Original design is a huge part of what we do- it's so important to us that what we do comes from the heart and we're not just copying other brands or designers but being genuinely creative. That's one of the things which give Rachel Simpson shoes their unique signature look- think subtle vintage influence with a touch of something that little bit different. You won't find shoes like ours anywhere else!

3. They're beautifully made

We're passionate about traditional shoe making here at RS, as opposed to fast fashion shoes which are mass produced quickly and cheaply. We work with a family owned factory in Spain who have been making beautiful shoes since 1960, with production now being run by the third generation. It's so important to us to support this incredible craftsmanship so it'll continue to be around and thrive for the next three generations and beyond.

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4. You're supporting a small company

When you buy a pair of Rachel Simpson shoes you're choosing to support a small, independently owned business and we never take that for granted. We've been going for almost fourteen years now and we still get a kick out of every single wedding and special occasion that our shoes get to be a part of. Our business is a passion and our people make it what it is, from the team here in the UK, to our shoe and bag factories in Spain, to our warehouse in Germany and our stockists all over the world. When you choose our shoes you're supporting all of that, so a big thank you from us all.

5. You can wear them again

Although we're known for being bridal, the reality is that our shoes aren't just for weddings- you can wear them to pretty much any special occasion. Whether it's your first wedding anniversary or even sooner on your honeymoon, you can easily wear your shoes again and relive those magical memories of the big day. Although unique, Rachel Simpson shoes also have an element of classic design which means they won't go out of fashion and you'll be able to wear them for years to come. So whilst they're an initial investment, by the time you've worn them to your wedding and honeymoon, your friend's weddings, christenings, garden parties, night outs and yet another wedding, we're confident their cost per wear is pretty amazing! 

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