Rose gold wedding shoes- the trend that's set to stay

Rachel Simpson

Posted on September 08 2018

Rose gold wedding shoes- the trend that's set to stay


Do you remember life before rose gold? Bleak isn't it? Of course, we had gold and silver- the classics, the royalty of metallics. One tended to be either one or the other, and as a rule we stuck to one or the other at any one time, depending on our outfit. Gold was a warm, sumptuous tone; silver more cool toned, sophisticated and elegant ,and we were happy with that.

And then rose gold came along. Rose gold, with all it's coppery, pinky gorgeousness. Rose gold, a colour which was neither purely metallic nor a definite colour; a shade you could wear with anything. And how we did- jewellery, watches, handbags..if you're anything like us it even invaded your work space, and soon our usual office stapler was replaced by the iconic Kate Spade perspex and rose gold version, only to be followed by matching pen pot, pens, in-tray and hole punch (we don't even need a hole punch). The love was real.

It was therefore a natural progression for our love spread into the collection, not least because rose gold is such a perfect colour for wedding shoes. It's warm, it beautiful, it's blush tone makes it a wonderful neutral shade which goes with most dresses and colour themes. It's bridal yet versatile enough to be worn again- the perfect colour for any special occasion.

One of our favourites is our beloved Mimosa, which we introduced in gorgeous nude leather with rose gold metallic detailing. This actually replaced a previous peach version, bringing our iconic bestseller bang up to date. This year we also added Mimosa in quartz glitter, which brings a new sparkling dimension to our beloved rose gold.

Mimosa rose gold shoes

We also launched our understated rose gold strappy sandal Darcie, whose front is embellished with the cutest little leather flowers (Darcie is actually in our Under £100 collection now, and trust us, she's the perfect go to rose gold shoe for a night out). 

Darcie rose gold shoes

Another shoe which is something of a love affair for us is the stunning Gabriella. We love the blush leather and the rose gold t-bar, but what really makes our heart swoon is the incredible hand made flower on the front, which is a mix of gold, blush and rose gold leather petals.


Which brings us nicely onto mixed metallics. As if rose gold wasn't enough, people then started to mix it with gold and silver- what?! Of course, we had to bring this into a shoe and so Ophelia came about. Ophelia, Ophelia- where do we start? The main shoe is made in blush ivory suede, but what really makes the shoe are the teardrop straps in gold, silver and rose gold, on the front and back of the shoe. Wear them with the equally to-die-for Opal suede clutch bag. If you're more of a closed toe kind of girl, there's sister style Octavia too. 


Octavia shoes

Credit: @lehailinhphotography

We originally thought rose gold would be a trend which went away, but it doesn't show any signs of doing anything like that. Which as you can imagine makes us very happy indeed.

Now would you excuse me, I'm off to order some rose gold paperclips...

 Credit for title photo: @lehailinhphotography



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